Who has a delicious low cal salad near mid city?

Thanks. Thinking of getting one for dinner. Or just going to Phillips BBQ.:smiley_cat:

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There aren’t a lot of salad places in the area.

Mixt - Wilshire
Yuko Kitchen- Curson?
Yummy - San Vicente
Apollonia - Wilshire

I’m sure you’ve had or seen this one…

Top Round - Big Salad

I doubt it’s very lo-cal. Sturdy greens, avocado, gr apples, candied walnuts, blue cheese. You can skip the fried chicken :slight_smile:. They also make a good Kale Slaw.

My husband will go with you to Phillips :wink:.

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Wouldn’t mind a salad with some Philipps Mixed Sauce and Links

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Didn’t know the Phillips in leimert park closed.

What? Crenshaw? We drove by it earlier today. I didn’t look, but my husband says it looked full.

I don’t even like smokey, vinegary, but that sauce is great!!! I wanna’ buy it and slather it on Maple Block ribs.

@Luluthemagnificent - they were closed on Memorial Day, and they closed last year for a couple weeks of cleaning. But I think that’s it.

No. The Leimert park one.

Husband just said “Yeah, that one probably did close.” :neutral_face: He’s always been partial to the Crenshaw locale since he was a kid and it was Leo’s BBQ. In fact, driving by it today, then us discussing it on FTC was too much for him to take; he’s in line right now. I guess I’ll have a PB&J sandwich.

What were we talkin’ about? Oh yes, Salads.

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why you having a PB&J and no BBQ?

Well, I did breakdown and have him get some chicken too.

I try not to get all tree huggie, but am limiting my consumption of conventionally-raised pork. If it’s something a restaurant is known for or I don’t want to be rude at someone’s house, then okay. I’ve had some good ribs from Phillips, but also enough bad ones to just pass now. But I :heart: the sauce.

BTW, husband said the ribs were really good tonight and the last couple times he was there.

Hamji Park (Ktown)…


That’s a great looking salad!

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Try The Salad at Bru’s Wiffle and More in Beverly Hills. Butter lettuce, Brussels sprouts, goat cheese, dates, avocado, sesame, grilled chicken, with olive oil and fresh lemon dressing. Delicious and reasonably low calorie.