Who has Bomb Nachos?

So each chip is prepped. Rather than dumping the condiments over all . I like each chip with a small amount of condiments. Then under the broiler for a short amount of time . I really dislike digging through all the overload. Preferably bean and cheese with no meat. With the occasional pickeled jalapeno

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Sebastian’s in Bakersfield.


I tried the “expert” approach from the Epicurious video. They were good but I felt like there was room for improvement.

I think the way to get closest to a perfect bite every time might be to put a toaster oven on the table with a mise en place of ingredients and make a few at a time.

Eduardo’s on Westwood Boulevard just south of Santa Monica Boulevard.

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With that description I can see why you find them difficult to make at home. :grin:

Exactly. Patience. Mmmm maybe . I like those restaurants that make them like that . Especially when the server says . Careful the plate is very hot .

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Honestly? If I want nachos, I want a big styrofoam clamshell of Nachos Carnitas with avocado salsa from Lucy’s on the corner of Pico & Union (can’t vouch for the La Brea location – never been).