Whole animal dinners


Not just a large format dinner (in the vein of Ssäm Bar, but a feast with a whole animal).

I’ve been to a few in NYC, but don’t really recall any in LA.

Patina just started a whole animal dinner series, but there has to be others out there right?

I know a place that will serve you an entire roast quail.

You’ve known this the whole time and have been holding back on me?

What gives?

Something I said? You no like blue people?

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Elite. Whole King crab. Get 10 lbs + if you want an “animal”, whole fish, whole squab, whole duck, whole suckling pig.

Losing it Ipse :wink:

The Goat Dinner at Tar & Roses (but not sure if it’s whole animal). Must be ordered in advance.

Whole Lamb Head $19.50 at http://www.aquiestexcoco.com

Not a whole goat at Tar and Roses but you can order a whole goat from El Cabrito for your next backyard event. Less than $100 I think for an entire goat

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King’s Row Pasadena whole pig roast every 3rd Thursday. Haven’t been yet but the photo has me hungry.


Chef Laurent was supposed to serve traditional French ortolan (gasp!) at one of his LQ pop-ups last year, but the order fell through last second…

Oh the humanity!

Last time I had the roasted baby goat at Tar and Roses, it was almost the whole baby animal from neck to tail sans the skull and the hoofs. Also no organs were served.

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What was your party size? I was trying to make reservations for 4 and they said 1/4-1/2.

Nick + Stef’s is reportedly doing them. Haven’t been myself, though.

Nick + Stef’s has a Whole Roasted Suckling Pig available, but you have to pre-order it. Have not tried it but imagine they do a good job.

Interesting. Thanks for the heads up.

This is a pretty darn good restaurant for a restaurant that gets no attention.

I agree. I think its because its got a very corporate feel (although they do have an active happy hour) and people tend to think of it for business power lunches rather than a dining destination. They have one of the best cob salads in town.

And Caesar salads

Just got this text from a friend for Nick + Stef’s

March | Lechon Asado - slow cooked hog whole roasted in a Caja box - Wed Mar 16

· April | Line caught Atlantic Loup de Mer baked whole under a salt crust - Wed April 13

· May | Napa Valley Spring Lamb from Oregon’s Anderson Raches - Roasted saddle, leg navarin, buccatini ragu, sausages - Wed May 18

· June | Canadian Wild salmon, slow cooked over “yesterday’s coal” - Wed Jun 15

· July | Whole Tuna or Swordfish, prepared four ways - Wed July 13

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Anyone want to volunteer cooking a whole animal for us FTC’ers? i.e Ala hog in Caja. We all pay for cost and byo drinks. We could do this outdoors somewhere…