Whole Foods + Prime

what time should i come over?



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Thanks for the update/reminder on WF/Prime. We shopped the Petaluma California store today, and will now add WF to our regular grocery shopping rotation.

Prices are competitive with Safeway, I’ll venture to say that the quality is a smidge better. Per @PorkyBelly, nice looking 10/20’s scallops at $12.99. Had to pass, as I had some scallops thawing in the fridge already.

Short ribs looked good, but the rack of Pork Spare Ribs was calling out to me. I had been buying WF Potassium for years, and picked some up. All in all, a nice small haul.

A buck/# off the Pork Ribs. -$0.95 off the Oatmeal cookies. Beautiful asparagus for $2.99/#. $0.49/# on bananas. All very reasonable.


wild 10/20 ct scallops on sale again this week but for 14.99/lb instead of 12.99/lb last month.

Good enough for me. Thank you!!

Organic Air-Chilled Whole Chicken on sale for $2.29 /lb. this week.
On the flip side, Rotisserie Chickens are $2 off…in case, you don’t want to cook.

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For the most part, the prime WF membership is absolutely useless. I always scan the card, but rarely happen to buy anything on sale. They’re posting more Prime savings signs everywhere to give the illusion that a lot of things are on sale, even in areas where nothing is on sale.

It works out well if I go specifically for the “big ticket” sale items. The short ribs for $5.99/lb. on sale before Easter was a great deal…and super delicious in my smoker. The St. Louis ribs for $3.99/lb. last week was also a great buy.


Agreed @attran99. If you go in with a set shipping list to WF you probably won’t save much. If you buy the sale items that week you will do well. I loaded up on ribs last week at $3.99/lb and froze a bunch. We also bought a few bottles of rose.


heads up y’all

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I will probably buy a pound of the nutritional yeast - and then make vegan spinach artichoke dip for months… : )

And then play on Amazon. Thank you!

35% off all ice cream and frozen novelties.

Already bought some ice cream sandwiches and pints. I need the WF ice cream sale to be over ASAP. I keep wandering down the aisle.


Because of National Ice Cream Day!

Short ribs available for $5.99/lb. this week.


Excellent hot dog ‘brioche’ for grilling, baseball, [insert]… season.

P.S slit is on the top of the bun, perfect configuration for a lobster roll

Hecho en Francia

Plus this

For the Scandinavian look


I dunno that it make sense to import brioche buns from France, but looks delicious. What’s the other sausage?

I initially thought it was based on a French recipe but made domestically, I thought it was surprisingly good. SO pointed out that it’s actually made in France.

What other sausage?

Been using these buns for a while. They are so good. WF has run out of them a bunch of times so we would sub the hamburger brioche buns and cut our hot dogs in quarters to fit the bun.


Two are red, like the Cream Co. dogs, and two are white.