Why does my frying always have these burnt spots?

I don’t think you’re being pedantic at all. I’m probably stuck in my ways based on home training. With that in mind it didn’t dawn on me that lulu was going for cutlet-style like yours. Probably why my brain told me they were chicken thighs. :wink: But look at PRD’s Pork Chop Bun - it’s fried/deep fried and bone-in, Cookie! So…

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Cutlets are by definition boneless. In the photo I see bone-in center-cut pork loin chops.

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That’s funny.

thomas keller maintains that frying is immersion in hot fat. i won’t presume to disagree with him.

Keller’s not the boss of the dictionary.

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Hi @Luluthemagnificent -

I went back to old school this time. I like my digital meat thermometer but the digital fry thermometer I had was too fiddly. Idk what I’ll do with the really long one but a set of two (7.8” & 11.8”) was the same price as a single one ($12.99), so. The 7.8” worked great. Clipped nicely even to my shallow CI.

Steelhead (Rainbow) Trout

Inside shot

I normally wouldn’t coat a nice piece of fish like this but I wanted to test out the thermometer and dust the rust off my frying skills - the trout is what I had. Cajun Spice, Flour, then Egg, then Panko, pan-fried in about an inch Peanut Oil, about 4 mins one side and 3 mins the flip side @ 350.

Happy Frying!


Looks good!