Why I Don't Watch Fox News

Somehow I missed this earlier this year, but Ocean Seafood proudly displays this by their signage.

It’s from gayot.com. Have you checked out their list of the 10 ten Chinese restaurants in the Los Angeles area? It is…interesting.


That’s the most eclectic list I’ve ever seen. First and probably only time that Ahgoo Kitchen and Joss are mentioned in the same breath. I thought I might have been the only person to have eaten at both of them. Of course if you read my essay on Top 10 Chinese restaurant lists you know how I feel about the subject.

It lives?

Reincarnated a couple years ago in Beverly Hills.

Are you getting at the fact that this is an absurdly shitty list ?

Curious about the list. Gayot is just irritating with their slow slideshow. I wish they would give the option of a list or slideshow, like Zagat.

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Did you notice all 5 dim sum places listed are cart style, not menu dim sum restaurants?

Good point. Further discredits the listing. I would point out though that nationally the percentage of dim sum restaurants that don’t use carts is quite small.

[quote=“chandavkl, post:3, topic:4577”]
my essay on Top 10 Chinese restaurant lists
[/quote]Can’t find it. But I am enjoying the piece on the Holy Grail of Chicken Dumplings.

Most of my writings are on a website called Menuism. The Chandavkl blog is just odds and ends. Here’s the Top 10 Chinese restaurant article.


Oh good. Thanks!