Wife and the Somm (Glassell park)

Peony: This restaurant was hidden in a residential area next to an auto shop. There is something about this restaurant that reminds me of Girl and the Goat. In my opinion, the food tastes better than the food from Girl and the Goat. I like how juicy and tender the prawns were. Also, the pineapple and octopus combination worked really well. I didn’t notice the use of strong or bright spices. I didn’t notice as much Asian influence in the dishes here as at Girl and the Goat. This food here may be too light-flavored if you are looking for a big, bold taste profile.

Warrior: I didn’t think highly of this restaurant. The food is fine if you’re in the neighborhood. Ordinarily, I might be a little more gracious. But I am in a foul mood. I wanted the cheese plate for dessert and was told, without forewarning, that “the kitchen is closed.” It’s been a long time since I’ve heard this phrase, probably in a bar or bowling alley. Mind you, it was 8:15 p.m., not midnight, when we attempted to make our tardy order. I disagree with Peony that this restaurant is better than Girl and the Goat. I wasn’t fond of that restaurant either, but I thought it was better.

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They should have warned you of last call for the kitchen. What day of the week was this?

I like the owners, they are good people, I hope they do well.

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Went this weekend for a brief spell. Really enjoyed their chilled red and orange wine list. Their cheese plate was terrific, although the baguette could use some work. Didn’t get to try more food than that but the place had a great vibe.


girl & the goat
wife & the somm

i’m waiting for “mom & the mailman, or why i have blue eyes”


lol…evidently my sister’s blonde hair is “from the mailman” according to my dad… which would be convincing if she didn’t look like the rest of the family and just happened to have lighter hair…


Peony: It was last Sunday. We ordered food at around 7:15pm and was not notified that the kitchen was gonna be closed at 8pm. Warrior, a big cheese lover, was very disappointed that we could not get the cheese plate when we asked about the dessert at 8:15.

That’s incompetent service. Especially since other nights the kitchen’s open until 9:00.

names do matter; i recall a verbal skirmish when porridge & puffs opened because it was my take that the associations that come with the word porridge are a bit too humble or plebian. if i’d had a say, i would have gone with “pottage and puffs” or maybe even “potage & puffs” to reset the expectations to more of a highbrow concept given the prices vs serving portion size.

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Congee is not potage. It is porridge.

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jook is more watery than a lot of potages.

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Went over the weekend. Had a really nice meal on one of their patios. It’s the epitome of a neighborhood eatery. Friendly, welcoming, warm design and excellent food and wine. The menu is not uber cool with gourmet ingredients. The preps are solid and the food is delicious. It’s perfect for a date night or meeting friends. The thing that struck me the most was the outstanding wine program. Bottle prices start at $30, a welcome change from the ridiculous mark ups at some places. The list is very solid with something for geeks and non-geeks alike. We had a bottle of Bruna Grimaldi Dolcetto for $40, which is more than fair. The corkage ($50) is a bit much, but hey, their prices are super reasonable. They have nice stems (Zalto). Service is fastidious, where each stem is pre-treated with a small amount of wine. Whatever, it was theater. I’ll be back.