Wild Pizzas

Someone posted this on Nextdoor, so I went and tried it. Delish! I wasn’t crazy about the pepperoni, otherwise it was awesome!

OK listen up, this is the most important thing you’ll read on next-door all year: we have an amazing pop up a pizza place that has moved into the neighborhood. “Wild pizzas” sets up from 5 PM-10PM Friday - Tues nights on the Victoria Ave cul-de-sac at Pico, right next to Mateo’s icecream. The pizzas are fantastic, and they are cheap because the restaurant operates without overhead. It’s family owned by really nice people. We have been hoping for something like this to arrive and it finally has so enjoy it! You can follow them on Instagram at @wildpizzasla. You’re welcome lol


oh yeah, the cashier told me they would be open until midnight tonight, instead of 10pm.

LA street food game is picking up steam!


Shit was BOMB!

That looks awesome!


I need this by my house.

Interesting! I was just reading up on this similar pizza place in Echo Park and wishing something was closer to us! Wild Pizzas totally is…

They are saying on Nextdoor that the brothers used to work at Desanos and
If you like DeSanos then you’ll like this pizza.

Never had Desanos.

DeSanos is one of my favorite Pizzas in the city. I even like their Mini Outpost in Long Beach at Steelcraft (Especially since you can enjoy it with some awesome Smog City beer)



FYI, they are saying on nextdoor they won’t be there tonight. check instagram before you plan on going.

Desanos is the truth. I’d rather just go there


I was there last Saturday (1st time in a while) and the pizza was as good as ever.

Although…my friend wanted a caprese salad first. Their version was not the typical slices of mozza, tomatoes w/ basil leaves placed on top. It was a basil leaf salad with a couple slices of tomato and mozza strewn on top. Granted, all the ingredients were really good—but not what I was expecting.

was at Desano’s last week too…excellent, as always, though id never “just go there.”…too many great pizza options in town now…Dommy, glad you made it to South End…slight correction…the former Antica in MDR which began the Neapolitan pizza “thing” decades ago was Peppe Miele’s pizzeria/restaurant…he is the President of VPN Americas and Antica was their “flagship” original branch(actually, there was one on 3rd St,too)Mario V was and still is on the VPN staff training and consulting on menus etc.


I can’t believe no one has tried this yet.