Wine, food, and laptop

I usually work from home, but I’m being displaced this afternoon at 3pm. I need to find a place to work for 1.5 hours on my laptop. I don’t want to go to a coffee shop. I’d rather go to a place where I can have a glass of wine and a small bite to eat.

Is there a place close to Culver City like that that wouldn’t mind a person working for an hour or so?


The Wine Bar at the Westside Pavilion. The music can be a bit loud but there shouldn’t be too many other people there during lunch so overall not too bad. No wifi/power outlets, if those are requirements.

Oh yeah…forgot to mention that. I do need wifi.

I do this on a fairly regular basis at several restaurants with free wifi. I always ask the bartender if it’s okay to work sitting at the bar. I always order a couple glasses of wine, and I’ve never had a problem. I’m in OC, but I would imagine you could do the same in CC. One of the places I’ve done this is Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern (Brea location, but they have one in SM, too). It’s always pretty quiet in the afternoon. You can search Yelp for places that have wifi.

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Akasha in downtown Culver might be good for this. They have a coffee shop portion, so there’s wifi, but on the restaurant side is a separate bar where you could sit.

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Sorry this maybe isn’t super helpful in your case but there are a bunch of places like this on the east side of town…

Semi-Tropic or Sunset Beer Co in Echo Park
LA Mill in Silver Lake
Alcove / Big Bar in Los Feliz (maybe no Wi-Fi, can’t quite remember)
Mega Bodega in downtown
Hermosillo in Highland Park

(In case it wasn’t obvious, this is an activity I enjoy quite a bit)

Rose Cafe has a bar that would be nice for this.

If you have a smartphone, you might be able to use it as a WiFi hotspot, which could be free or expensive depending on what plan you have.

You could do this at the NoMad Lobby / Gianni Bar.

Yeah, I know, not Culver City. I suck. Sorry.

A little too late (but perhaps useful in the future): Literati Cafe?

Giannini Bar (sorry, I’m in edit mode today).

Too late for the OP, and not in Culver City, but Zinque in Venice is great for this purpose. I have a couple friends who refer to it as their office. And unlike the other popular “offices” in the neighborhood, Zinque serves wine.

The patio area works. It’s really loud inside.

True, depending on when you’re there. I don’t find the inside noisy earlier on weekdays.

I ended up going to Rocky’s near my house, which I remembered being not very busy. Will try some of the others in my Fridays to come!

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Stanley’s Wet Goods…

I win. You’re welcome.