Wolfgang's Steakhouse, Beverly Hills?

Any new experiences here? We rarely go out for steaks, and are looking for an excellent experience – great meat is most important, but great sides would be nice too. We’re open to suggestions for other places – we’ll probably be staying in Venice, but we can travel some, within reason.

I have been to Wolfgang’s a couple of times in the past year, and it remains solid. You probably know that the Porterhouse is the steak to get there, as it was founded by a former Peter Luger employee and tries to get some what close to that experience. I’ve always found the Porterhouse to be pretty close to perfect, but bear in mind that it is meant to be shared, so unless everyone partaking in the Porterhouse likes their steak cooked the same way , i.e., rare, medium rare, etc., it can be tricky. I can’t speak to the other steaks. Sides are good, but nothing exotic. The German potatoes are good, and there is thick cut bacon ala Luger. The key to dessert is to have whatever you order covered in schlage --thick, fresh whipped cream. No artery escapes unclogged.

Also in Beverly Hills is Mastros, which is much more of a scene than Wolfgang’s --very buzzy dining room downstairs and more of a lounge vibe upstairs. I have had excellent steaks there --the bone in Ribeye has been particularly good – but also occasionally a so-so steak, given the price. Great assortment of sides, with the Lobster mashed potatoes being decadently delicious, if tremendously rich. For dessert, the Butter Cake is really good.

And yet another steakhouse in Beverly Hills (the City seems zoned for steakhouses – and Italian restaurants) is CUT by Wolfgang Puck (Never to be confused with Wolfgang’s, or so a court order says). A very good selection of different types of steak, from various parts of the country. The sides are all very interesting – not your typical steakhouse fare. I have always enjoyed my meals there, but it never pops to mind when I think steakhouse. More like a fine dining spot with an emphasis on meat.

A bit further east, on Beverly Boulevard near Crescent Heights, is Jar, which I have never really regarded as a steakhouse, though they describe themselves as " A Modern American Chophouse." Well known for having excellent steaks (as well as terrific pot roast), and very good sides. (Some of the best fries in the city, and the duck fried rice, while probably not authentic, sure is tasty. Interesting greens too.) A very nice dining room, relatively quiet, very good bar and outstanding desserts. (Pudding is never a bad choice there.)

Finally, slightly closer to you. in Century City, is Craft. Not a steakhouse. Very much a fine dining spot, but an outstanding dry aged steak for two always seems to be on the menu, and every time I have had it, the meat really stood out. Sides are creative and delicious. Big time farm-to-table place, great room, attentive staff, wonderful desserts. Again though, not really a steakhouse.


Very old school steak house in Santa Monica is The Galley, not of the level of those Beverly Hills steak houses (and not as expensive either) but fun and close by to Venice

What about Charcoal Venice. Not a steakhouse, but great meat(s).



If you enjoy ribeye, you owe yourself a trip to check out ink’s revamped menu. Street corn is good too, as is the old standby egg yolk gnocchi (which I think is too rich to be paired eloquently with a cut like ribeye).

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I think they also have the best branzino in town. Voltaggio’s skill with texture really shines; so much better than what you’d get at, say, Angelini.

I like the prime rib at Musso & Frank, for an old-school LA experience. I like their homemade potato chips and creamed spinach and their martinis! Might be a bit far to drive?
Also, had a phenomenal rib-eye for two and Nic and Stephs last night. They call it the tomahawk. But that’s downtown.

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