Wonderful Italian Gelato & Pastas - Bulgarini Gelato [Thoughts + Pics]


I went last night. It was glorious. The owner suggested that I pair the macerated peach with the zabaglione. It was likely the most luxurious form of peaches and cream I’ve ever eaten. The peach was like eating a real peach, and the zabaglione had a nice hit of Marsala to it. My sibling loved the chocolate with sea salt.


PSA: Looks like Bulgarini Gelato is doing a Movie Night tomorrow, August 27, 2016, with their excellent Handmade Pastas, Salad and Gelato and “Under the Tuscan Sun”:


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Oh bummer… Just what I’ve been waiting for! We’re going to another party. Hopefully you’ll go and report. No pressure :grin:.

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Hi @TheCookie,

I wish I could’ve made it, but I already had plans. :frowning: Next time. :slight_smile:

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Met a friend here last night before going to see Wicked Lit down the street.

Fettuccini with sugo di carne:

This was very good. More tomato than the usual ragu bolognese. Pasta cooked nicely

Pumpkin gnocchi

This was perfect. i really don’t have much more to say about it. I want more of these and I am fairly upset that Altadena is pretty much distant from everything that I do in my life.

Gelato. On top: goat milk with coco nibs. On the bottom: chocolate and orange.

The goat’s milk was great, but I could have done with half of the portion given due to the richness and funk. The cocoa nibs were a good foil. Chocolate and orange is my favorite dessert flavor combination period. This was lovely.

I wish it was closer to me. That is all.


Hi @djquinnc,

So glad you liked it. I love Bulgarini’s pastas, and it’s cool that they have a Pumpkin Gnocchi now (in time for this Fall season I suppose). :slight_smile:


@Chowseeker1999 Yeah. The guy working behind the counter said that they were seasonal and initially said that they were only packaged for to-go sales. Another gentleman came from the back (I’m presuming the owner) and said “No problem!” Also of note: during the course of the night, this guy treated us like kings. Unexpectedly personal and warm service. We were there for about an hour and a half. It was pretty darned awesome.


@djquinnc is right. We came in on a slow evening, and were treated extraordinarily well. The owner, Leo, shared stories about how he makes his products and his assistant made sure we had plenty of water refills. Definitely one of the gems of L.A.


+1 on this. Only went once and felt that the owner was incredibly warm and welcoming.

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Oh la la!

Samesies. Did you take any gnocchi to make at home?


[quote=“djquinnc, post:25, topic:2978”]
I wish it was closer to me. That is all.
[/quote]Me too. I’m having girls lunch in DTLA Thursday. Hoping their gelato cart is at the Arts District. Wish me luck.


[quote=“President_Mochi, post:30, topic:2978”]
Samesies. Did you take any gnocchi to make at home?
[/quote]Great idea.


I did not. But thought about it. Since I was off to see a show that was going to last about three hours, I didn’t want to risk having it sit in the car.

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[quote=“TheCookie, post:31, topic:2978, full:true”]

I would caution you against doing this. The cart is a poor poor representation of the Altadena mother ship.

If you want gelato in DTLA, go to Uli, or if Gresescent if you want ice cream.


Seriously? Bummer. I just found out lunch is not in DTLA anyway. But your alternatives look wonderful. How do you guys find out about all these places? Mind boggling.


The real bummer would’ve been if you had ended up going to Bulgarini @ Arts District.

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In the Bulgarini cart’s defense, it is fine for what it is. The thing you need to know is that the cart has far fewer flavor options. And the consistency of the gelato (due to ambient conditions which ultimately cause non-adiabatic heat transfer from the cart itself) can lead to the product being just a tad off from Leo’s precision, exacting perfection which is always found at Altadena.

Mind you, I believe that Bulgarini cart’s gelato still better than like 97.5% of the other gelaterias out there. But it’s a set up for disappointment if you compare it with the Altadena mothership.



Cart sucks.


Cart sorta sucks but its suckitude is offset by its convenience.


That was great. Are you two siblings? You sound like my sons. I’ve never been to the Altadena locale or the places ipse mentioned. So I ask, is the cart worth a stop?