Wonderful Italian Gelato & Pastas - Bulgarini Gelato [Thoughts + Pics]

Does anyone know what Bulgarini/Guerilla/RFT want as minimums?

It’s likely gone up, but here was the Guerrilla catering rundown when I inquired in 2015 (but I didn’t get the to phase of figuring out a minimum. As I recall, my emails went unanswered lulz):

The catering base rate starts at $20.00 per person and includes 3 tacos per person, service running for 2 hours, and standard utensils and plating. The $20.00 starting rate includes a choice of 3 menu items from the listing below:

* Sweet potato & Oaxacan cheese
* Celery root, fruit compote chile
* Artichokes & red pepper escabeche
* Cauliflower, dates, castleveltrano olives

* 7bone braised beef
* Short rib
* Chile Colorado
* Rib eye

* Chile verde pork
* Pork shoulder

* Mole
* Anjonjoli sesame seed tomato sauce

Fish/ seafood ($25 per person instead of $20)
* Octopus
* Shrimp

Specialty items ($27 per person instead of $20)
* Wild aji tuna
* Wild salmon ceviche
* Kampachi sashimi

I wasn’t in charge of the details, but from what understand it was $1000 to start, and then up from there.

Eh we’d probably be looking at a minimum $50pp for a guerilla/RFT/Bulgarini bang^3 event.

Doesn’t sound too awful until you realize you’re dropping $50 for 5 tacos and some gelato.

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Make it so, someone…





Hi @Ns1,

I just checked with a friend of a friend of mine who hired Ricky’s Fish Tacos for a party. They said it was really reasonable, something like 20 person minimum at $8 per person. But this was 2 years ago, so prices might have changed. Not bad though.

(And I was there… Ricky made his amazing Fish Tacos and Shrimp Tacos (and they tasted even better IMHO than his Taco Truck.) :slight_smile:


k, so the information is more readily available than I thought:

1k minimum, packages start at $25pp


There were a couple of options for ordering, either by the taco with a minimum amount required or an all-you-can-eat fish taco option requiring at least 40 people

That’s probably a minimum of $600 @ $15pp

Bulgarini, about $1k minimum per ipsedexit’s notes above.

So, cost for food alone is probably in the realm of $50pp. I’d be interested in wrapping this up as a fundraiser for my wife’s non-profit, tickets would be $75 and you can BYOB. I’d have to invite non FTC’ers to get to the #'s required to make this work.

location would be our facility in Chatsworth.


for reference, JL’s meetup @ Batusi was also $75pp + gratuity “at your discretion”.


Hi @Ns1,

Thanks for the sleuthing update. :slight_smile: I guess Ricky’s raised up the minimum from my friend’s party a few years ago. They had only about 25 - 30 people show up if I remember correctly. Good to know.

Where were you able to get the information on Ricky’s? Have done some searching in the past but couldn’t find.

That’s the googled info. I’d rather not reach out unless there’s some interest at the above listed cost.

While $50 for 5 tacos and some gelato ain’t cheap, I actually think it’s fine. I mean, there all gonna be in one location! I’m interested (but preferably some time in the summer b/c the next few wks for me are gawd awful!). I also might have time to assist w/ planning during the summer…

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Fantastic @Chowseeker1999!

Thanks @TheCookie. :slight_smile: Have you made it out to Bulgarini yet?

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Are you kidding? You’d know first. I’d find a way to use a trumpet.


This sounds like the perfect opportunity for a Howlin’ Ray’s + Bulgarini bang bang! :slight_smile:

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This thread makes me feel kind of bad that I live less than three miles from Bulgarini yet only go a few times a year.


Okay so, that is a crime. My sister lives close and she says the same thing.


Hah! Taking a staycation soon, hopefully. "We’ll do an “I’ll Have What Chowseeker1999 is Having” food crawl.


LOL! No no, I just hope you get to try more delicious eats around L.A. :grin:

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