Wonderful Italian Gelato & Pastas - Bulgarini Gelato [Thoughts + Pics]


Hi @JeetKuneBao,

Yah, it’s so good! Definitely call ahead and see if you can special order it / or see if Leo is already planning to do it for that day you’re visiting. Enjoy!


Do they open and serve pasta for lunch???


Hi @moonboy403,

Call ahead of time. Because it’s mainly Leo Bulgarini running the shop, he’ll sometimes not get around to opening it until later in the afternoon.

If someone does pick up (he seems to have hired some part-time help manning the cashier), make sure to ask if Leo is in, before you head over (and let them know you want Pasta).

Otherwise, it’s still safe to stop in for Gelato if he’s not in, but you want him around to talk about the nature of his creations and his passion with the Pasta and Gelato. :wink:

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It’s been in the upper 40s late at night several days of the wk for several wks… which is completely unheard of in LA. It even started SNOWING in certain parts.

It’s actually been really bizarre.


Yeah, I had poke yesterday which, while very tasty, wasn’t exactly comforting.

But, back to the topic, I think that Bulgarini’s pasta would be delish in this weather. :slight_smile:


Last night’s adventure was so successful that I finally decided to go all in and schedule a dinner with Leo.
For those interested in the current set of flavors, here’s what I remember:
Goat’s milk with cocoa nibs - it was a delightful amount of goat-y with hints of chocolate…savory-sweet
Tiramisu - really tasted like tiramisu!
Pear x3 (Bartlett, Bosc with bay leaves…so yummy!, can’t remember the last)
Blood orange granita
Chocolate sorbet - not a stitch of milk or cream and studded with cocoa nibs…I don’t even like chocolate and I enjoyed it
Chocolate-orange gelato
Chocolate salt gelato
Sweet cream - it has an Italian name but I can’t remember
We were the only folks in the shop, so we were able to chat with Leo for a bit. He’s got great stories…he talked about the first time he met JGold and then the first time he met Wolfgang Puck. You’ll have to ask him about it. He had a new assistant in helping make pasta, and Leo himself was pulling out a fresh batch of biscotti out of the oven.


fior di latte?


WAT? When did he start making biscotti???

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Thanks! I’m glad your Italian is on point, @PorkyBelly!

@paranoidgarliclover According to Leo, he’s been making and selling biscotti for some time. He says it’s real popular so he has trouble keeping it on hand regularly. It smelled super delicious, and it was too hot for us to see it be set out. I’ll try to see if it’s available on Friday and snap a photo of it for you.


Ah… Maybe that’s why I never seen it (and I’ve only been a few times total). I imagine his biscotti must be great, too. :slight_smile:


We showed up one time without calling ahead. Leo was not there. They still let us order pasta, and while it was decent, a young man made it and I have no way of knowing how much better it would have been from Leo himself. Need to retry it one of these days.

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I have been a few times but never had the pasta.


How to get the most out of your trip to Bulgarini:

  1. Try Leo’s nut-based gelatos, specifically the pistachio and hazelnut flavors. Even if you don’t like nuts. (Heck, especially if you don’t like nuts.) Also, if available, get a taste of the gorgonzola gelato.

  2. Eat the housemade pasta there. It is sublime.

  3. If you ask nice, Leo will offer you a pairing of gelato and some sort of alcohol. He is a genius at pairing his gelatos. Let him wow you.


I feel successful in that I’ve already heeded 2 of your 3 tips. The last one is going to taken care of shortly.


May the fourth be with you.

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Small snag…the husband got assigned to work tonight (and he can’t get out of it), and I’m not going to cancel last minute. What’s the best way to keep and take home gelato/sorbetto home? I’ll take a cooler, but am torn between filling it with ice or dry ice.


bring the cooler and ask if Leo could give you ice? I don’t know if that’s being a little bit forward though


I’m not opposed to already filling it with ice myself…was just wondering if dry ice would be more appropriate.

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my bad, misunderstood. i guess dry ice would be better since you will be out for a few hours?

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Perhaps a friend will fill in?