Woon Kitchen Popup

Finally my schedule matched up and I finally got to try their noodles.

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This was at the Resident in the Arts District right across from Urth Cafe. They are known to sell out so I got there right when they opened.

At the popup they do Shanghai Cu Chow Mien. Sometimes they do a gua bao or a small appetizer. When it gets cold sometimes they will do a hot pot at home.

This is a family operation here and tonight had both Mom and Son manning the woks. Both are very friendly. Got to talk to both. The Son explained that while away at college in San Diego he missed his Mom’s cooking and especially missed this noodle dish the most.

Shanghai Cu Chow Mien.

Noodles were perfect QQ. As with any wok fried noodles there is a certain airyness you want and it must have the breath of the wok. This delivered. Don’t forget to add in some white vinegar and chile garlic sauce!

And I have some good news to report expect a brick and mortar in the coming months!! Possible Filipinotown location. It will be Shanghainese. So expect lion heads and stir fried rice cakes.


Bang Bang at Simone afterwards?

Was considering walking in to Bavel but opt out for SGV then I realize it is Mid Autumn Festival time and there was no parking and a big wait up and down Garvey and Valley

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Coming soon in March


And they are open!

Expect a review from me this week!