Would you believe Chandavkl Confesses He Hated Chinese Food As a Child?



He still doesn’t use chopsticks.


He really is a treasure. In a way he reminds me of my grandfather who came over as an immigrant from Mexico. Stories like this and some of the work of Gustavo Arellano are a great reminder of where we came from culturally and an international food city to where we are now for better and for worse


He’s written about that before.

imagine if he’d penned that in a fortune cookie when he had the chance.

“you’re not being insulted if they give you a fork”

not to mention:
“that wasn’t chicken in the lemon chicken”
“it’s ‘fried rice’, you stupid plick!”
“sometimes you win, dim sum you lose”
“we mean you no harm. we seek only supercomputers for our young”

alot of immigrant children are embarassed or despise the food they eat growing up only to realize its so much better than the “American” food they think they wanna eat.

As a child myself I aspired to eat at places like Black Angus or Red Lobster based off the commercials.