Wow, first Celino & Barnes, now Sriracha & Underwood

The company that makes Sriracha hot sauce on Tuesday sued the company that supplies its chili peppers, alleging the firm is refusing to pay more than $1.4 million in overpayments and return some $7 million in equipment.

they used to be so chummy too!

Underwood now grows 2,000 acres of peppers for Huy Fong Foods. “We’ve developed an incredible relationship,” Underwood said of Tran. “As an example of his trust and faith in us, he rarely comes out to the fields. We give him quality and consistency.”

Wow! Wonder what happened. Hate to see this kind of thing happen when it was such a feel good story of establishing a beneficial relationship for both sides.

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…and Underwood came out on top.

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