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Finally made it to Tang Dynasty, which replaced the Chinese gastropub Chang’an on the third floor of the shopping center next to the San Gabriel Hilton. The only thing of consequence is that yes, all the neon lighting from Chang’an has been preserved, including the sign with Chang’an in it. Also the sign which you won’t find anyplace else in the United States.



decades of looking at misspelled words in chinese restaurant menus has prompted me to conclude that chinese don’t misspell english words as much as they spell them the way they pronounce the word themselves. examples include:

roast pok
sea cucumba

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I really liked Tang Dynasty. Weird vibe but I had fun.

apparently banh mi my tho has opened a third location occupying a former wienerschnitzel on garvey.
BMMT 3rd location


this belongs here since they’re all WSGV. kudos for including babita, negated by including 101 noodle express who IMO was only the best because they were the only one at the time. their beef roll has been surpassed by many other renditions. another minus for not including lao xi noodle house for the shanxi regional cuisine, not to mention being a michelin bib gourmand selection. finally, a big boo/hiss for neglecting noma myanmar for burmese, not to mention a few quality selections in the ESGV.

and a bigger boo/hiss for not enabling comments on this list.

22 Essential San Gabriel Valley Restaurants, 2022 Edition (

I heard their names a lot, but honestly I think it was just okay. Maybe I am from north east China where Hui Tou originated from…

Saw on Facebook sgv group that the place has already switched to tacos? I’m not in town so maybe I’m mixing things up. But how many wienerschnitzel buildings have grand opening signs in sgv. Looks like the same building.

perhaps you’re thinking mexicali taco which also occupies a former wienerschnitzel, this one on san gabriel blvd?


the new Banh Mi My Tho is on Garvey. Mexicali Tacos is on San Gabriel Blvd.
Both are using old Weinerschnitzel locations.


What would you all say are the top Shanghainese restaurants in SGV these days? Preferably looking for something with a more fleshed out Shanghainese menu–not focused on XLB. (I’ve been bad about keeping up to date on the SGV openings/closings during the pandemic…)

I’m in that Facebook group. Looks like Banh Mi My Tho is allowing the taco cart to use the space in front of the store after hours when they are closed.


Jiang Nan Spring is pretty much head and shoulders above the rest.

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Ah, thanks for the clarification.



Blooming VIP Seafood has opened in the Rosemead space abandoned prior to the pandemic by East Gourmet Seafood.

A+ Tea House in San Gabriel is closing next week. Ordinarily wouldn’t mention a boba place except they had the best popcorn chicken in the SGV. Also the Kim Chuy/Ho Kee partnership in Alhambra has apparently ended with the location now having a Ho Kee menu.


1919 Noodle Express replaces Nice Time Cafe in Monterey Park’s Atlantic Times Square, just a few doors down from the still shuttered 101 Noodle Express.

Is this the last outpost of Nice Time Cafe/Deli?
I grew up on their Pork Chop Rice and still found it to be my favorite version.
Speaking of which, anyone else do the fried style porkchop, a little sweet, lots of garlic?

I think you’re right about Nice Time. Kinda sad since they did reopen during the pandemic.

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Tried to go to Embassy Kitchen Alhambra on 5/17, but it was closed for renovations. Hope they reopen soon with the same menu/theme.