WSJ: Salt Deserves a Place at the Table

I do enjoy my different salts . My favorite I have is the Cyprus flake sea salt . Also on hand Mediterranean sea salt coarse, Swedish flake ,Fleur de Sel Camargue , French grey sea salt brut ,fennel pollen salt . There are more I have to try from Spice Ace in S.F.

There was an Iron Chef episode (original Japanese series) where the challenger was introduced as “the Conjurer of Salt” and Morimoto’s response was something like “salt is salt.”

Morimoto is obviously an idiot. No, he probably knows that salt is NEVER just salt, but was asserting his dominance … which makes him an idiot.

I’m saying this although I generally use just one salt, Diamond Crystals Kosher, which unlike Morton’s Kosher is an evaporated flake salt instead of ground rock salt. I like it because it has a greater range between lightly and deeply salty, and the taste is clean and clear. It also dissolves on contact, unlike the rock salts. I do love Maldon, and I have some smoked salt that I’m saving for a salad Mrs. O had once that featured it. I need to wait for tomatoes to be ripe …

Once it’s dissolved, there’s no difference between one form of pure sodium chloride and another.

If it’s not dissolved, the size and shape of the grains / flakes can make a significant difference.