WTF is going on?

I’m getting dozens of “edits” of posts that have my own photos in them. WTF is going on?

Same. Appears the system is automatically doing something to uploaded photos.

I seem to have maxed out at 99!

Same here.

Do I have to open these one by one?


You can click the down arrow at the bottom of the alerts pull down menu and click “dismiss all”

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Thanks. I actually signed out and signed back in again and it was fine. And, come on now, it’s not like a problem with FB!!! LOL.

there was a period where you couldn’t make comments while website maintenance was going on. i’m assuming some sort of system reboot that triggered the notifications which maxxed out at 99.

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99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer!

(You know the programmer that picked the cutoff number went to summer camp.)

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I went to Camp Fire Girl camp and we didn’t have no stinkin’ beer :slight_smile:

You might want to scroll through the notifications to find any real ones.

I presume this was some sort of bug fix / improvement that wasn’t supposed to send notifications.

From support:

What happened is that in the old days we had a very brittle markdown format, there is a process I had to run to update it to the new … robust … format. Have a look at a few of the edits and it will make sense. Keep in mind this is a once off process and we are done updating your site. I am sorry about the notification flood here.

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I didnt get any notifications
Just 10 posts of my food pics from the way back machine
Was fun to look at and remember those great meals

No big deal.

I got hundreds, back to the first year of the site.