Your thoughts on adding a Veggie Burger to In and Out Menu?

I would LOVE it!
Your thoughts?

From eater:

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I think it’s a super idea…although I ate there once and was unimpressed :slight_smile:

I don’t think any privately owned business should be obligated to add anything to their menu. If you want meatless, go somewhere else. I don’t think it would ever occur to someone to petition a vegan restaurant to start serving steak. I think that would seem silly to most people, myself included.

Is In-N-Out the best burger around? No, but their QPR is tough to beat, and I do enjoy a Double Double Animal Style from time to time. Part of In-N-Out’s philisophy has always been to stick to basics and execute them well. Aside from their secret menu, they really haven’t changed much since they started. I see no reason for them to be compelled to do so now.

Just my $0.02.


I concur with @OCSteve. People seem to like the “grilled cheese,” so veggies aren’t completely out of options.

On a semi-related note, I had In-N-Out this weekend, and I may get tar’d & feather’d for this, but I think that the “protein style” with lettuce in lieu of buns is better than the version with buns. Or maybe I’m in denial and am just trying to convince myself…

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Why should a very tightly focused specialty place like that mess with success?

Why would anyone expect that a place with such awful fries would make a good veggie burger?

Beef is healthy and can be humane and sustainable, though not necessarily at In-N-Out’s price point.


Well, there is that. I’ve just never understood it’s appeal but we really only have burgers out when it’s drive through fast food and I don’t consider them fast.

[quote=“catholiver, post:2, topic:4325”]
I think it’s a super idea…although I ate there once and was unimpressed :slight_smile:
[/quote]I think Angelenos rave so much about it that expectations are skewed.

No. One of my fave CH friends who lives in Sacto loves them. And he can out cook just about anyone I know and loves all manner of food.

[quote=“President_Mochi, post:4, topic:4325”]
I may get tar’d & feather’d for this
[/quote]Yep… I’m loading up my posse now. Where are you?

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Yah… I get it. Anthony Bourdain loves them and he’s a New Yawker. The Shake Shack guys are huge fans. Have you checked? Maybe there’s something wrong with you.

I was with you on this @Plumeria. But @OCSteve and others swayed me. I would make a terrible politician… Is that an oxymoron?

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If I’m somewhere where there’s nothing but chain fast food, I’m happy to see an In-N-Out, but I don’t get the cult status. The burgers are like what you might cook at home with above-average supermarket beef, mediocre buns, and flavorless tomatoes. The fries are awful.


No. good politician is an oxymoron… No offense to any on FTC, of course.

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I agree. Particularly on the fries. If I’m hungry, I will often get a cheeseburger as my “side”. Even well done and animal style can’t save them. It’s not ideal, but that, too, is their call.

Dammit. I figured as much.

And yet, I fear that the situation has worsened… because I actually like the In-N-Out fries. I’m a goner for sure.

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If you like them, that’s great, but to my taste they’re wrong. The potatoes have too high a moisture content and they fry them only once.


Fair enough. I can understand why people don’t like them. For some reason, their starchiness appeals to me. Perhaps the sixth taste is an alpha flavor for me.

I’ve heard you can ask them to be double fried, but I’ve never remembered in the crucial ordering moments. One day.

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To make fries the classic way you fry at two significantly different temperatures.

Also, In-N-Out uses cottonseed oil, which I don’t personally consider fit for human consumption.


Okay speak for yourself. I and @catholiver make a much better burger at home.

But I understand your thinking. It’s not my favorite burger. I think people’s love of In-N-Out is marketing too. The crisp white and red facade. No celebrity endorsements. Customers feel like the insider (which probably appeals to Bourdain). They pride themselves on being your local burger drive-thru. They’re stubborn about expanding. It took years of coaxing to move out of the Pasadena area. Supposedly they didn’t want to be associated with city folk :smirk:. I think even the bad fries with the skin still on is part of the homespun philosophy.

It’s not that we think the quality is equal to Umami or other gourmet burgers - with their sourcing, special blends, great buns, etc. But comparing In-N-Out to regular fast food is wrong. Among other things they do grind their own 100% beef (no pink sludge added), are made-to-order and make their own buns. I love the combination of thin double patties (gotta’ have a double-double), a thick slice of raw onion, covered with melty American cheese and sauce, on a good bun.

They didn’t invent the wheel. But it tastes pretty frickin’ good to me.

There’s my $0.02


They’re like mom fries. But I don’t remember not ordering them. I gotta’ do fries.

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