Yunnan Rice Noodles Come To Westwood Village

It wasn’t that long ago that you had to scramble to find Yunnan rice noodle soup in the San Gabriel Valley. Mr. Rice came along and opened up shops in Rowland Heights and San Gabriel, and now they have a third branch on Broxton in Westwood Village. I’m nearly speechless but apparently they’re attracting quite a crowd.


I had never heard of this particular dish, but I checked a recipe and it sounds yummy.

From Chandavki’s post, I assume this restaurant’s reputation precedes it.

Well yes and no. They’re well known enough to have opened a second SGV branch, but most people in the SGV are probably unaware of it.

I’m not sure many Yunnan dishes can be made properly in the US, or even in other parts of China.

I work in Westwood, and given the lack of good (or any, really) restaurants in the area, I’ve been for lunch three times in the past week. Two of the three times it’s taken 25-30min to get my order (they are insanely crowded at the moment, and the head chef looks to be pushing retirement–no offense). It’s been worth the wait every time.

Would I have been as happy if I’d driven all the way to SGV (or I guess flown to Yunnan, robert…) for the same dishes? Probably not. That’s rarely a drive I want to make, though. I’m not suggesting anyone go out of their way to visit, but like Sichuan Impression, it is a wonderful addition for those of us living in this part of LA.


Food seems comparable to the San Gabriel and Rowland Heights branches (I haven’t been to Walnut) so you’re getting a reasonable facsimile of SGV food.

I suppose we will have to settle for the improper version then, won’t we? Still better than nothing.

I dunno. I have yet to eat a Yunnan dish that I wanted to order again.