Zingo Taco

If you’re looking for TJ style tacos, and don’t want to travel to South Central LA to Tire Shop, then Zingo Taco is probably your best bet for charcoal grilled carne asada tacos.

Make it a bang-bang and grab a deep dish at Dough Box before heading home (and snag some of their housemade PB&J cookies for me while you’re at it).

Zingo Taco
5234 Valley Blvd
El Sereno

To celebrate jgolds bday, we wanted to eat street tacos. Having a toddler and a 6 month old really puts a damper on any thoughts of a taco crawl to tire shop, but i remembered this rec and since we live nearby and they appeared to have indoor non ac covered seating, Zingos it was for our two girl’s first street taco experience.

It’s def hole in the wall with the taco cart outside the restaurant grilling with mesquite briquettes. It smelled great.


Got to try a bit of everything- tripas, carne asada, al pastor. All the meats were well seasoned but the tripas was my favorite. Probably because they throw it on the griddle after grilling resulting in extra crunchy texture on outside and tender inside.
But favorite of all was the doradito, essentially a tostada Sandwich. The tortillas are grilled crispy and the same taco meats and condiments are sandwiches in between. Fantastic! Will have to come back and try all their vegetarian options (jackfruit, cactus, potato)

Our closest neighborhood taqueria used to be spanglish kitchen, but we think this is gonna be our go to from now on. Thanks for the rec!


Try the jackfruit taco next time.

Never would’ve known about these two places in my hood if you guys didn’t mention it. Thanks!

Sorry about your disappointing meal at guerilla taco. Between the two, Spanglish is also a good neighborhood joint, but the tripa and mesquite grill edges zingo ahead.

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Had another fine dining experience with my SO. Tried all 4 of their tacos…pollo, tripa, al pastor, asada. Hint of smokiness and charcoal flavor throughout. Asada was quite enjoyable but the other 3 protein were a bit dry.