Aburiya Raku - West Hollywood


One of the reasons why raku has such great sashimi is because of sourcing from guys like this who does his own ikejime.

Here’s a clip from the migrant kitchen which is worth a watch:

aji - spanish mackerel (fukuoka, japan)
Awesome knife work and presentation from chef matt. Let this be a reminder to all fish - stay in schools.


grilled yellowtail belly
Damn this was awesome. Crisp skin and tender moist, fatty meat. If you like the salmon belly (@TheCookie) this is another must-order.

fresh alaskan king crab
This was like crab candy, the meat was so sweet. The pieces of meat that touched the grilled also had a great smoky flavor.

ushio jiru
White fish and tofu in a light delicate broth.

asajime chicken thigh

asajime chicken teba wing

kurobuta pork cheek

portabella stuffed with asajime ground chicken

takana inari
dammit @Chowseeker1999, i wish i took your rec for this sooner. This was great, soft, slightly sweet and pickle-y.

miso yaki onigiri

yaki onigiri

homemade mandarin orange sorbet



Hi @PorkyBelly,

So glad you liked the Takana Inari! :grin: Delicious, right? So much better than the usual Inari / “football” shaped item that’s usually throwaway.

That is some beautiful Aji (and a lot of it)! :slight_smile: Raku’s Sashimi is ridiculous.

Thanks for the video on ikejime. Thinking about that (and how few places in the U.S. do that), it’s even crazier than a restaurant like Saison just does it in-house for each live fish for the tasting menu.


Thanks @PorkyBelly.

The Grilled Yellowtail Belly was a welcome site after the head, fins and I don’t know what of the #holeymackerel. Next time I will refrain from ordering an add’l Salmon Belly and get the YTB.

Thanks for sharing the secret of Raku’s Sashimi excellence, ikejime, aka fish torture. Before I devour my next order I will say a prayer of thanks to the fish.

But seriously, excellent report.


I finally made it out!


Forgot this baby, the ground chicken skewer


but is it torture if they can’t feel it? just sayin


nice looks like you got the bento plus some supplements. how was it?


Loved the sashimi, sea bass, bacon wrapped tomatoes, ground chicken skewer, and the foie gras skewer. The dessert was also very nice. Next time I’ll get more from the grill! They did not have the beef tendon available on my visit. I’m not the biggest tofu fan but it was enjoyable to try this signature dish, very unique texture. Service was great!


LED ambient lighting??? I must go to there (again).


I thought the technique might eliminate feeling, then saw the fins flare :worried:. Thanks for alleviating my guilt.


Animals can be braindead but still have some nervous system firings for a little while. It’s not a reaction of pain because it literally happens at the instant when you destroy the brain – fish generally give a good hard twitch or two at that point – but stab them anywhere else and you don’t get that twitchy, fin-flarey reaction. That type of thing indicates a braindead fish.


It’s probably better than them flopping around in a bucket gasping for air. And certainly more fresh & delicious for us.


Would that we could so easily distinguish braindead chefs.


Thanks for the levity. I thought @PorkyBelly’s posts about ikejime and Raku were very cool. Trying to make a joke I turned it into a morbid convo. :relaxed:


I cant wait for Raku to start serving ortolan.




don’t forget the pig ears, pig cheeks, and fish bellies.


Oh yeah… while I was being a smart ass I forgot to note, Spago’s Chef de Cuisine Tetsu Yahagi’s presence on the Migrant Kitchen clip. IMO - along with exceptional service - Spago’s dedication to sourcing is what keeps them in the mix. This guy is the reason. Savvy hire Mr & First Missus Puck!


Puck has an eye for talent. He would make an excellent football scout.


Good analogy