Ayara Thai


I think there is some confusion between two different restaurants. AYara thai is based in the westchester area and has two restaurants one being “luk” that does more hip and some less americanized dishes. Whereas AraYa is a vegan? (at least vegetarian) thai restaurant that had its first branch in Seattle and the daughters moved to LA to open the branch off beverly and crescent.

I actually really enjoy araya if I have veggie friends hanging around since I live nearby. Otherwise, Thaitown has way better options but Ayara is probably as good as it gets on the westside for thai food.


oh jeez… i’m not actually dyslexic. just busy . thanks


It’s transposed in the title of the thread, so your confusion is understandable. To clarify, Ayara/Ayara Luk are great for a solid meal near LAX, but not on the level of Thai Town.


Fixed it.


That is a pretty sad looking krapow.