Bavel - Arts District


Over the Okra? I’m not a big fan of either, but suspect they do something special with both, so…

Thanks for the tips on portion size… And parking! Maybe we’ll go millennial and Lyft.


Hi @beam -

Based on this and @Chowseeker1999’s thread we’re getting hip to things running out. We’re gonna’ go early. It will prevent table flipping and chair throwing.

This sounds like a plan. I haven’t had Baba ghanoush in a while and would like to try theirs. Perhaps the Duck Nduja Hummus & Baba ghanoush. Is that too much for two people, with 2 proteins and a vedge - anyone?

Edit: And room for dessert?


That probably is too much for 2, especially with dessert. But then again, there are people who go to In n Out after Dialogue.

It’s good to read opinions of trusted FTC members, but at the end of the day, you’ll like what you like, no need to overthink it. :slight_smile:


Yeah, you’re right. But we’re no longer close enough to become regulars. I want to get the most out of our visit.


I would get the following:

duck hummus
baba ghanoush
roasted cauliflower

If you’re okay with leftovers add the duck


i haven’t had the okra yet, but the cauliflower made me want to finish my vegetables.


That’s saying something.


“I really can’t say what it is,” Menashe tells Food and Wine. “Some of the food here is influenced from me living in Israel for 14 years, but then it’s also from me being Moroccan, Turkish, and Georgian, and me traveling all over the world. Then there’s techniques you see in Spanish cuisine, French cuisine, and Italian cuisine. It’s really unique to me.”


well damn! i was just looking for a place to book at…

aaand… no tables.


i can confirm the lamb neck made great leftovers, just warm up the stiff neck in the microwave and enjoy. so feel free to be gluttons and order for 4.


as an armenian we often have a lot of meat leftover from bbqs, including lamb… stovetop in a pan that covers with some water splashed in will do you better


got a reservation for 2 tomorrow at 645, if anybody wants it.


i went in at 5 pm on a Saturday night right when they first opened, you can get seats at the bar pretty quickly.they have a pretty big bar so you should be able to get seated.


It’s cool. I’m working with a certain Friday though when we have babysitter locked down already. Going back to Lasa as of now. Appreciate though.


One could certainly do worse… Enjoy.


Ori changing the spreads often, so don’t get hooked on one or the other.

If you guys haven’t tried the Malawach, go for it. It’s a laquered bread made from Eikhorn from Grist & Toll (pricey). Malawach is difficult enough to make, but then to make it with low gluten Eikhorn is almost a death wish. It’s so good, I just want to wrap myself up in it.

Disagree that the pitas are denser than Dizengoff’s. Maybe you got an off one. The pita is made with Semolina (also from Grist & Toll) which might give you that denser feel on the exterior.

That buckwheat bread slays me. You should try a hummus and a farm cheese, but all the spreads are great.

I have a reser for four tomorrow at 7pm if anyone is interested. Will cancel it by noon or so.


You’re such a bad influence.


Thanks @chewchow -

This is a good reminder - don’t get hooked on a spread. The Malawach seems very interesting. The bread descriptions are really getting to me.

Happy Bavel Eating!


Hey, since we’re all giving away our reservations . . .
If anyone has a reservation for two this Saturday that they don’t want to use, PM me. We got a sitter on late notice and we want to try Bavel!


What are some of the other spreads? So far I’ve seen hummus, duck hummus, baba ganoush, cheese, and foie gras.