Bavel - Arts District


had a really good dinner at bavel and went with @Chowseeker1999’s great recs, thank you. i’ll have to come back try try the foie gras, okra, and chicken.

duck 'nduja hummus - creamy garbanzo beans, jerusalem mix spice, herbs, pita
great pita and hummus and right up there with Dizengoff’s. bavel’s pita seems denser with more crumb, dizengoff’s is thinner and airier, but both are pretty great.

grilled australian prawns - harissa marinade, eggplant tzatziki, herbs, lime
wow, this was definitely the highlight of night. the prawns were some of tastiest and freshest i’ve had since the amazing tiger prawn sushi i had in japan. i don’t know how they did it, but they grilled it in such a way that the head and shell was edible and delicious as if it had been deep fried. the harissa was pleasantly spicy and was balanced perfectly with the cool refreshing tzatziki. Pro tip: save some pita to mop up the shrimp juice, harissa and tzatziki. @Chowseeker1999 must order.

slow roasted lamb neck shawarma - creme fraiche tahini, fermented cabbage, pickled turnips, laffa
Mary had a little lamb
Its neck was roasted slow
I ate it with some laffa bread
And it made my belly grow

licorice root ice cream bonbon - sour licorice caramel, muscovado cake, caramelized white chocolate, maldon
cold and refreshing, subtly sweet and tasted similar to root beer.


Of pigs, lambs and everything in between the head and shoulder
Weekend Eating Trip May19-20

Hi @PorkyBelly,

So glad you liked your visit to Bavel as well! :blush: I can’t stop thinking about all the great dishes there. Wait till you try their Turmeric Chicken Confit, the Handmade Buckwheat Bread w/ their Foie Halva and Okra.

Thanks for the info on the Prawns, I was thinking about ordering it during our first 2 visits. :slight_smile:


Regarding the pita, I agree with you that is denser than Dizengoff’s. I also found it much drier and less flavorful. The one I had was perhaps the greatest disappointment of my meal. It was so mediocre that between four of us, we didn’t finish it, whereas we were literally eating the bones of the chicken dish. Hopefully one bad pita had something to do with the fact that we ordered at 10pm on the third night of service.

Anyway, the hummus looks so incredible that I’m sure I could eat it with a spoon and be content.


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Hi @set0312,

Bummer. That hopefully is an aberration as the pitas we got were piping hot, tender, fluffy, airy and very fresh. But then again both of my 2 visits were earlier (6 p.m. hour). And we literally saw Chef Ori manually making them on the line himself and popping them in the oven, then others took over for a bit making them non-stop the entire time we were there.


We might have been there at the same time last night! I need to go back again to try more, it was indeed very good. Maybe not yet at the heights of Bestia, but still loved it. My favorite dish of the night was the babaganoush.

Wine service: $35 / bottle corkage, but I thought they did a nice job, from immediately taking our bottles at the hostess stand, to asking if we have preferences on decanting / service temperature.


Another missed FTC encounter in the wild. what else did you have? did you try the prawns?


Duck 'Nduja hummus - wow
Babaganoush - wow+; the burnt bell pepper and chilli oil is a perfect complement to the smokey eggplant
Confit okra
Extra fried pitas - get these, they spice and salt them on the outside, so flavorful
Octopus - spiced and charred exterior and perfectly tender interior, nice balancing of yogurt, recommended
Wagyu beef cheek tangine
Licorice Ice Cream Bon Bon
Paglava - savory, nice texture
Caramom apple prune cake - my favorite dessert

As mentioned above, wine service was excellent and friendly from the moment we entered the door. We had ordered the lamb neck for the last entree, but the kitchen started firing it late and after a long gap in food hitting the table, the waiter gave us the option to move onto dessert or wait another 7 minutes. The group was fairly full, so we moved on to three desserts. I need to return to try the neck, the seafood options, and some of the other veggies.

Below are some horrible pics of the babaganoush and dessert trio. Forgot to photograph the octopus.


@DTLAeater Inquiring minds want to know what wine you paired the food with and how the pairing was?


I brought NV Savart Bulle de Rosé Champagne for the first half of the meal (various dips, bread, veggies, octopus). Good acidity without becoming searing, yet delicate red ruits, and low perceived sweetness. Super fresh. Rosé still wines and champagne are really versatile for pairing with food, so I figured a rosé champagne would deal well with all the different spices, and proteins. It doesn’t compete with the food, yet can stand up to it, and is nicely cleansing. I would have been happy to drink this the entire meal, was great. The sommelier asked if we wanted this on ice and I said no, in order to see how it tasted as it warmed up. There are a fair number of coastal whites and rosés on Bavel’s wine list, FYI.

My friend brought 2011 Antinori Tignanello (mostly sangiovese) for the beef cheek and eventually cancelled lamb neck. This also turned out to be a nice wine and pairing, even though the wine is super young and still many years away from peak. The sommelier was wise to suggest opening this for decanting as soon as we sat down, so it at least got over an hour of air before we had the first sips. Perhaps the warmer vintage helped with already pretty soft tannins and ripe dark red fruit too. The wine was full-bodied, dense, and rich, showing leather and a surprising amount of tension. Very enjoyable today, but will continue to soften and open up in the future. Because of the subtle spices in the meat, you could also go for something with less body.


When you come back to try the chicken but then you notice the aged duck on the menu

They only had 16 orders of the duck so the chicken will have to wait.

saffron - pink lemonade with pomegranate and cinnamon
Nice and refreshing, loved the addition of cinnamon

scallop crudo - pomegranate molasses, citrus, burnt serrano chile oil, charred cucumber, mint, black sesame
This was okay, pretty spicy. As @set0312 described, this reminded me of an aguachile. I’ll stick to the awesome prawns next time.

foie gras halva - creamy pate, date paste, black sesame, buckwheat loaf
Loved this one @Chowseeker1999, the bread was pretty tremendous. The date paste was the perfect sweet component for the foie. I wish the foie tasted a little more livery though, it was pretty mild.

(new) aged duck four ways - breast kebab, leg confit, chopped livers and hearts, ginger broth, fig leaf vinegar dressed herbs
Duck was only aged for 5 days, so nothing like the funky, geriatric, 21 day old duck at charcoal

Extremely tender with the meat just falling off the bone. No knife required.

chopped liver and hearts over okra puree
Wow, this was my favorite out of the different preps. The liver and hearts were meaty and tender but the okra puree was outstanding.

My second favorite, the breast had a great grill flavor and the skin was charred and crisped.

This had a nice flavor but unfortunately was way too salty.

roasted cauliflower - hawaij chile sauce, creme fraiche serrano dip, pistachios, dried flowers
I love chef ori’s cauliflower at bestia so I knew this would be great and it did not disappoint. The cool creme fraiche dip complemented the slightly spicy cauliflower perfectly. Another must order @Chowseeker1999, @TheCookie, and @DTLAeater

strawberry sumac and sweet cheese pastry - pistachio ice cream, labneh cream, cured sumac
So glad I saved room for dessert. This was better than the bonbon I had the other night. It was like the perfect strawberry poptart. You know it’s good when you can hear the crunch when you bite into it. @Chowseeker1999 you’ll have to come back again to try this.



Hi @PorkyBelly,

Yay! You got to try the Duck as well? Delicious right? :slight_smile: And nice about the Strawberry dessert. I was thinking about it, but then I read “sweet cheese” “labneh” and “cured sumac” and thought… “Maybe next time.” :sweat_smile: But glad to hear it’s good.


Haha… but that aged then confit’d leg must have been perfection.


that’s what i thought too, but it was really good. i didn’t need all the labneh, but it was easy to use a small amount.


the meat was really tender, it was like eating pulled pork that was already pulled and wrapped in crispy duck skin.


Hi @PorkyBelly, @Chowseeker1999 and Friends,

Okay, here’s a question. We’re going to Bavel this week. It will be two of us, so we won’t order a big spread. If you narrowed it down - which dip/spread, which vedge would you get? Would you get zee chicken or zee duck? My husband will happily eat poultry, but really likes beef. Are the beef cheeks worth ordering?



i would get the following:

duck nduja hummus
confit okra (didn’t try any other veggie, i wanted to but i would’ve over ordered.)
grilled prawns
confit turmeric chicken legs
and make room for dessert:

i know the queston wasn’t directed at me, but here’s my $0.02 anyway :slight_smile:


Thanks @Hungrydrunk -

The question is for everyone.
Thanks for reminding me about those prawns!



don’t forget the cauliflower and yes definitely get the prawns. the duck is portioned more for 1, so if you get the duck you can probably order one more vedge/spread or a dessert.

parking in that area can be a pain in the ass, i was able to park on E 4th Pl or just valet.


No duck of any kind available last night. Chicken was great. Prawns were not available either.
I would go with Baba Ganoush (served with fried pita) and Hummus (served with pita)