Bavel - Arts District


AND John_Legend too.


No… I don’t want to meet you guys if I’m having a bad hair day. I’m a planner.


You can leave your hat on.


Am I the only one that bought a “my name is Sergio” shirt? Looks great with a sport jacket and jeans, aka LA formal


Shunji shirt (versions 1.0 through 6.0) all look quite dapper as well…


Already dry cleaning my 'fit for APL


Keith? Keith Gilabert? Is that really you?!


Was also there on Saturday night! Got there at 4:45 with a friend and despite being the 4th party in line we were the last to get any of the free bar seats without a reservation. In a happy accident, caught up with a former bartender from HLAY.

Duck Hummus
Cucumber & Artichokes
Scallop Crudo
Grilled Prawns
Lamb Shawarma
Mixed Frozen whatever (dessert)

Everything was great. Didn’t think the egg w/the malawach was superfluous at all, actually. Really liked the spice level on some of the dishes. Obviously it wasn’t anything crazy but it was more than I expected a spot like this to go with.

The bread was the star - pita from the Hummus, Malawach itself, and the thing under the lamb shawarma (with cinnamon - so good!).

Not going to lie, it felt a little expensive - came out to $170 for two after tip/tax with one drink (total, not each). The size/price ratio on some of the dishes is maybe a bit unbalanced - 4 prawns for $24? Sure, you get a bunch of tzatziki with it… can’t deny that the prawns were something special, though. I’m just thinking of a meal I had at Alimento a few weeks ago where I had a lovely Caesar Salad (I know, I know!) that was possibly the best salad I’ve had in the last year, and was easily twice or more the size of the cucumber dish here for the same price. Real estate, sure - but Alimento came out to literally half the price for a meal that was maybe 90% as good. On the other hand, where else can I get food like this in LA? I want to come back and try all the other strongly recommended dishes for sure.


$28 dollars for two legs vs $26 for one. I think I would prefer the bipedal fowl.


Have a res in 2 weeks with some friends but been fiending hard to finally try Bavel…had a meeting downtown that ended around 6 and went solo to sit at the bar.

Walked up and got seated at a reserved bar space right away.

Really nice build out and aesethetic…a lot more inviting than Bestia IMO.

Was just by myself so I ordered Duck Hummus and the prawns. The pita was insane, definitely the best i’ve ever had (sorry Ta-eem) and the hummus so also insane. The prawns were quite lovely also.

Thankfully two nice guys who sat next to me shared their schawarma with me (excellent) and Marisa Tomei sat next to me at the bar on the other side (srsly lol) and shared her okra and Malawach w me (also excellent).

Loved the food but only comment is the food is HEAVY…you cannot come here expecting something light.

Looking forward to having a proper meal with a group here in a few weeks.

Also… i got some insider info that they are expanding the building Bavel is in, with a bakery and breakfast/lunch type of place very soon… The Bavel Complex!


Glad you had a great time @skramzlife.:slight_smile: Yah we love their handmade pitas and they are our new favorites as well (fresh, piping hot, fluffy)! (along with the duck 'nduja hummus that comes with it of course.) :wink:


Love L.A.


Later on that night…


i usually don’t care about actors that much but Marisa Tomei! She was my crush since “A Different World”

That’s awesome that she was so nice too!


I hear she’s into short, funny, quirky, bald men.


Ohhh nothing… just Marisa Tomei sharing her okra and malawach with me at the bar. Just an ordinary day in L.A. Shut up. I love her.

I agree about the heaviness. It might be why they’re making the entrees smaller - a lot of people were probably taking food home. But, still, @PorkyBelly is right, they could have lowered the price a tad more.

Looking forward to our next visit.


farm cheese, fig leaf and borage flower za’atar olive oil, sea salt, buckwheat loaf
This was good, but very heavy, olive oil was insanely good. i prefer the hummus.

australian grilled prawns, harissa marinade, eggplant tzatziki, herbs, lime
The star of the show and the reason why I came back. Still excellent and my favorite thing on the menu. Everything is edible so make sure to suck those brains and eat those heads #prawnstars #headtotail

grilled dorade, herb-stuffed, red chermoula, preserved orange, smoked anchovy
deboned and stuffed for your pleasure. this wasn’t bad, but didn’t compare to the sand dab i had at gjusta.

(new) vanilla date creme brulee, soft candied orange peel shortbread
Outstanding, loved the date puree at the bottom.


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That fish looks very good. I love whole fish.


Have you tried the whole branzino at Osteria Mozza?