Best brands of dried beans


I trust Rancho Gordo and Zürsun. The upside is their beans are always fresh. The tradeoff is that they often run out partway through the year.


I tried Principato di Lucedio chickpeas recently. As good as I’ve had, maybe the best.

Some brands and the ones from the Berkeley Bowl bulk section sometimes won’t get creamy no matter how long I soak and how long I simmer.


I am a big fan of Rancho Gordo . I made a great pot of cranberry beans .


Buying dried chickpeas is tricky! Old chickpeas won’t ever get soft, it’s so frustrating. When I get a good batch, I cook them all, then put them in the freezer in pint containers. Then I don’t have to worry about sourcing chickpeas for a while.


Maybe the brand isn’t the issue. The first batch of Principato di Lucedio chickpeas I cooked a couple of weeks ago, I salted the soaking water and they were perfect and creamy after an hour of simmering. The other half of the package I soaked in unsalted water and they’re still grainy after 90 minutes.


Good to know, thanks. That is a very useful hint.


Koda farms, more well known for their rice, has great tiny chick peas.


Yes. Just got hip to these recently. They are also way more reasonably priced than you’d expect.


Okay, finally, a kinda’ sorta’ definitive answer to the burning question - to soak or not to soak? Courtesy of the newsletter from Steve @ranchogordo Beans.

Thanks Steve. I’m going with this one.

P.S. He also says, don’t forget about beans during the hot months. Use a slow cooker, then put them in a salad. :wink:


The other burning question - to salt the bean/pea water or not to salt the bean/pea water? It appears we now know the answer to the chickpeas.