Best Pizza by the Slice?


I can’t speak to the high hydration napolitan doughs but at least with standard ny style, the texture of the crust is tremendously improved with the long ferment .


According to Patsy Grimaldi, the flour is different for a Neopolitan. He says they use ‘O’ or ‘OO’ (very finely milled ) for those while all-purpose flour is used for a NY style pie.

Interesting he also said the fine flour would burn up in his coal oven.


The VPN rules require yeast and forbid long fermentation.

That’s 00 (doppio zero), the only type allowed by the VPN rules.

I see pizzerias using 00 flour to make various styles including thin and crisp NY-ish. I rarely see all-purpose but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if that’s the standard for NY slice places.


Patsy is NY pizza royalty. Grimaldi actually referred to it as “American” and the writer believed it was AP but maybe that was his assumption?

The writer also probably wrongly assumed that just because Patsy said you can’t use the 00 in a coal oven, doesn’t mean you can’t use it in others. The writer said coal or electric, but that makes no sense.

Ok, the article sucks :laughing:


I believe Patsy for sure .:ok_hand:


Yep. I’ve read all about VPN guidelines, too.
That’s why I was surprised by what I read in the A16 book.
I think there is some gray area about yeast sources allowed which could keep the door open for use of a starter of some type (the doc you shared mentions appendices for clarification of use of “natural yeast” that aren’t included). Long fermentation is totally verboten, that’s for sure.
I’m not fully informed about exactly what pizzaioli in Naples are doing nor do I know the nuances of the VPN rules.
I do like a long fermentation and a starter culture over fast rise and commercial yeast any day. Maybe I don’t really love VPN.


You’re right, sourdough is apparently permitted.

I can’t find the appendices anywhere. The Italian original says the same thing (E’ consentito l’uso di lievito naturale (vedi schede tecniche allegate)) but they’re not attached. Maybe they’re not on the web. Or they never got around to writing them.


Same. I looked because, while I respect the A16 authors, that was my only source. I came up with nothing more than what you linked to. Weird.


if pizzerias are using “00” flour to make styles other than Neapolitan, it’s almost always with a blend using a “harder” flour.


00 is about milling, you can get it with various wheat blends. Caputo has at least six kinds.


yes, but every place I’ve been in that doesn’t make Neapolitan pizza but uses 00 fine milled blends it with harder flour…for some reason they seem to prefer another brand for blending…King Arthur…


I’ve seen places that had only many bags of Caputo 00, but never thought to look at which one since I didn’t know they made more types rhan pozza and pasta.


Interesting technical talk guys. I’ll have to look up what is VPN. :slight_smile:… Would you like to see a picture of some pizza?

Looks like they’re working on the crust situation.


Joe’s pizza Sunset, is going to be in our life a lot in the coming months. Took a half bite of my kid’s slice yesterday and it’s really good. Super crunch level has been toned down toward the middle of the coefficient.


That’s a crust I would eat.


Child: “Daaaad! Stop eating my food.”

FTC Parents: “It’s just a bite for research. Actually, I need two bites.
Here, try mine with clams and hot peppers and anchovies.”

Child: “I just want my pepperoni.” :cold_sweat:


Yep lil shit yelled at me even though i just paid for it. I’d have my own but i’m a carbhater for a while


That looks delicious, but is the center a bit dry for a VPN pizza? I always thought they were a bit wetter?


That is so us! Us, I mean FTCers. :relaxed:


Experts? Could you weigh in? :grin:


i don’t think apollonia’s is claiming to be vpn or neapolitan for that matter.