Bestia - Arts District


Do people feel uncomfortable going down there? Spending a lot of time in DTLA, I am de-sensitized, but have noticed others make a lot of comments about the locations of certain DTLA restaurants, like Bestia / Factory Kitchen / Rossoblue / etc. Note, I am not suggesting people walk around at night for fun, but the number of comments suggest to me that people feel unsafe.


Do people feel uncomfortable going down there?

I would make my wife valet if she went there alone at 9pm.




Me too.


Yes, although the last time I was there at night was maybe 5-10 yrs ago.


It’s time to invest in a felucca so I can docks it on the LA River under the 7th St. Bridge. #pleasepassthegreypoupon


Had to look up felucca in the dictionary…I mean Wikipedia


I sailed on one once on the Upper Nile near Aswan. Great Nubian cuisine along the way.


glad I’m not the only uncultured pleb here.