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Hi @bulavinaka -

Back to food reporting. Yay!

I dare someone to find a recent pro. review better than this or other gems on FTC.

We went recently. Your observations are spot on. Excellent bar info. We love the staff at B&Q, and talking to the bartenders is always a treat.

I am so splashing jalapeño vinegar on my meat next time.



Ahhh dear @TheCookie, you flatter me. The posts we create on this board are prescious to food maniacs - I think that’s a fair description of us.

Reviews by “critics” can be imperfect (they are human) and even if their writings are spot-on, they are static at best. And this group of writers can be all over the map. Some critics are pretty consistent and relatively unbiased, others opine by emotions at times, and one - probably the most humble -metamorphisizes poetry from food.

Yelp is opinion by democracy - like what’s happened Great Britain and the US, yelp’s methodology is far from perfect and the results often paint a fuzzy, inaccurate picture. But with so many participants who offer up photos, picture is worth…

Groups like FTC really have no agenda other than telling our perspectives, which by themselves are static as well, but are living by the fact that others post to confirm, refute, update, or broaden our perspectives, like it or not. We revisit, chat, counter-chat and maybe even kick up a little dust. Our ability to confirm, contest or broaden points is what makes FTC so valuable.

At the end of each day, we all gain something. A new understanding of a place, a cuisine, a certain dish. Previous views are altered, maybe some honed to further sharpness, some altered dramatically.

Through all of this - like any other shared journey, we learn things from each other, grow to like some, wonder about others, forgive and forget, and move on for the sake of our shared passion. Pretty much like real life, eh? :kissing_smiling_eyes:


See… there you go folks. And he’s ours!


@bulavinaka with the mic drop!


Hmmmm…I am stumped…truly.


You get three clues:

  • Ben Franklin paperweight on his desk
  • Primo’s buttermilk bar crumbs on his lap.
  • Gimli-like


Now I’m stumped.


Now all I can imagine is Gold walking into restaurants with a battle axe on his shoulder.


Ahhh… I read a lot. You’d think I’d have better reading comprehension. He meant the critics, not us! Shoot, I might have gotten that one. Funny BTW.


This year’s Coronary Bypass Tour didn’t happen – I had to fly straight from San Antonio to another conference in Chicago. Hopefully I’ll get to do the BBQ run next January.


Are you a doctor? Or are you referring to the fatty food you were planning to eat? :slight_smile:


Bludso’s La Brea is best bbq in LA hands down, no questions asked.
Maple Block doesn’t come close.


Well there you have it. A man/woman with convictions.


Are you a doctor? Or are you referring to the fatty food you were planning to eat? :slight_smile:

The latter.


Finally shook the man’s hand. Walked over with my kid and told him that he’s been coming to Bludso’s since he was in the belly. Sweet man



Hi @Nemroz,

Nice! Looks delicious. And yes, Kevin Bludso is so nice and affable! :slight_smile: So he was working at Bludso’s La Brea on your visit? Good to know.


He is and has always been very involved in the business…



He was kicking it with some friends but probably working


So I just had Bludso’s La Brea for the first time after having Bludso’s Compton countless times, and really have some thoughts to share.

(1) This BBQ tastes nothing like the original location

(2) The heavy smoke flavor left a bitter taste, it was too heavily smoked for me

(3) The brisket I did enjoy more than the Compton location

(4) Faster service

(5) More expensive, but that is a given due to location and ambience

But in all honesty, the rib tips and chicken were significantly different than Compton. I remember Compton having a significantly sweeter rub on the rib tips, this one was purely savory in flavor and way too much smoke. The chicken also used to be much more peppery and more plain in seasoning.

Mac n cheese was the same, maybe a tad mushy but it sat for an hour. The greens were significantly more spicy, I don’t remember the greens having any spice. Spice is a good thing for me.

Does anyone else agree that the BBQ is totally different? I even suspect the smoke flavor is different. The cook on the items were great though, just lacked the finesse of smoking technique.

Team #RIPCompton


yes, but I found the difference going the other way. The fabled rib tips at Bludso’s Compton were just ok for me, and I was never able to be lucky enough to get beef ribs.

(4) Faster service

I’ll never forget my second visit to Bludso’s Compton when the girl who obviously was on her lunch break from working at the nearby dispensary waited almost an hour for her food, and then left with nothing but a refund.