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My last two experiences at Compton Bludso’s we’re not good food-wise. We always ordered the large party tray. Both times the ribs were pretty burnt and dry. After that, we stopped going.

Bar&Que opened and we’ve been extremely happy with their food. Everything has been perfect. As to it tasing different, I think the chicken and rib tips are different, but we honestly don’t care how different it is from OG Bludso’s. We really like Bar&Que’s stuff even if the prices are higher. They also offer specials that I can actually get most of the time.


I do think the brisket is better at La Brea, I like a larger piece of meat to have more smoke flavor and a darker bark. The brisket at Compton was not my favorite, and at a certain point I used to just order rib tips, spare ribs and chicken with sides.

The BBQ at La Brea is good, not great. The brisket was probably the best. The greens were good. Most of the food was really salty, especially the rib tips and chicken. My brisket was extremely fatty, but I didn’t order the lean so that was my fault. But my point is, I was expecting a Bludsos flavor and got something different. I had to confirm that my taste buds weren’t just playing tricks with me and that it is not the same taste.


They were okay.

My order was Compton evolved from the sampler platter and extra order of rib tips to whole chicken, rack of ribs and rib tips with greens and Mac n cheese.

It just caught me by surprise that the flavor is so different. I was expecting something else.


Ragtop Fern’s BBQ hits the spot if you miss Bludso’s Compton. Worth waiting for the weekend.


Brisket is outstanding.

But the real star at Ragtop’s is the pork cheeks.


Again, my Compton and La Brea experience were separated by quite a bit of time, but, yes, I would say that they don’t taste “related.”


Where is Ragtop Fern’s?


I guess the question for me is, how related are they now? I mean, besides the name, how much does Kevin Bludso actually dictate what happens at the La Brea location now that it has been up and running for years?


Hi @A5KOBE -

I don’t have enough experience with Compton to compare. I go back and forth on Bludso’s La Brea. Right now I’m with you.

This. Glad I’m not alone. I was beginning to think Texas-style BBQ is all about the lighter fluid. :grimacing:

I had the Compton tips once at a party. Maybe because it was catered and they put in extra care, but they were fan-f-ing-tastic!

Happy Que-ing!


Hi @bulavinaka -

First off, I’m happy you’re happy with Bludso’s La Brea. You’re happiness is important to me.

I’m not sure about his involvement in the beginning. But when Compton closed he was cooking at La Brea for a bit. It was marvelous. However, we had the Q recently. The cook on the meat was really good, but the salt and lighter fluid was unbearable. My guess is he’s gone again.



My last visit was October last year. Everything seemed fine then. But that’s six months ago. I guess we’re due for another try.


My last trip was in June 2017 (can’t believe it’s almost been a yr!). When was Kevin supervising there?


Much-belated report (LONG):

Maybe I should’ve started another thread for this, but here goes:

I came across this thread again, after I had already decided I was too embarrassed to post about my January Texas BBQ run – you’ll soon see why: I checked into my San Antonio hotel early afternoon, immediately picked up my rental car, and headed for La Barbecue in Austin, as I’d heard so many raves about it. Except I couldn’t even get through to La Barbecue on the phone to find out how long the wait would be. Made a spur-of-the-moment decision to try Stiles Switch instead (also highly regarded by Texas Monthly). I’d checked Google Maps a few days earlier, (late in the evening) and it indicated that it would be a 75 min. drive to Austin. OK, I can live with that. Getting on the freeway, I noticed that Waze predicted over an hour and a half, and I was immediately slowed down by a traffic jam. Stubborn me, I continued on. It took about 2 1/2 hours to get there. I’d forgotten that it was Friday afternoon. Brilliant, huh?

Stiles Switch was great old-school BBQ (both the brisket and the hotlink), and would have been worth the trip, had it been the expected two-and-a-half-hour round trip. Ironically, Hwy 35 was so crowded on the way back to SA., Waze instead routed me close to BBQ Central, i.e. Lockhart and Luling. Of course I had just eaten (not that I should have let that stop me) – but I’d already been to Black’s on a previous visit, and I figured even if Kreuz was open, my chances of getting brisket in the evening were slim anyway. Also, I’d had enough driving for the day as it was.

Later that evening I walked over to my favorite near-the-hotel place, Boudro’s, where I had a reliably good piece of grilled fish with a nice sauce and vegetables. I repeated this over the next few days, as the conference hours were long and it was convenient. I’d returned my rental car anyway, and besides, one BBQ quest was enough for this trip. Being from Vegas, I don’t get fresh fish often, so it worked out nicely.

On my last day in SA (conference was over), my flight didn’t leave until early evening, so I caught an Uber over to the Pearl Brewery for an early lunch at The Granary, where I ordered a quarter-pound each of fatty and lean brisket. The difference was amazing – the lean brisket wasn’t tender and not very flavorful – not even worth finishing. The fatty brisket, however, was absolutely excellent in all ways – it was as if the fatty and lean were from two different places! I should point out that I’ve found the lean brisket best at some BBQ places (Maple Block, for example), so you can never tell… Mediocre sides of German potato salad and burnt end baked beans. Wandered around for a few hours, and had an excellent early dinner of redfish with Gulf crab mac & cheese at Southerleigh before picking up my bags and heading out to the airport.

Just as a footnote, my original plan was to get up very early the Saturday morning after arrival, drive up to Lexington to get in line for Tootsie Tomanetz’s famed brisket, and then drive back to start work at 1 PM or so. That would’ve been fine, except my clients added a 10 AM meeting to the schedule. I’ll just have to catch Snow’s on another trip.

Photos: 1. Brisket and hotlink at Stiles Switch; 2. Fat and lean brisket at The Granary; 3. Redfish with Gulf crab mac & cheese at Southerleigh (sorry, I started on #3 before taking the photo – it’s a bad habit, I know)


:smile: You’re a true seeker @CeleryVictor. Thanks for sharing.


Went on Monday. Had the brisket, pork ribs, and pulled pork. First helping of the brisket was absolutely sublime; the rest had good but was a bit dry. Thought everything else tasted as good as it ever has (although I don’t eat at this place very frequently, and my dinner guest (from Kentucky) absolutely loved it.


That’s good news. Do you remember if it was the fatty, or lean brisket? (the brisket is all I care about anyway!)


Fatty. I’m not a lean brisket kind of guy… :wink:


Not only were they late with being ready for our nearly $300 pickup order 10 days ago, when I made it clear that they’re late and we booked well in advance and picked up at scheduled time in order to make our meeting, I was met not with an apology but attitude. Their pickup window was being ran by the same person answering phones while 4 other people were standing looking around.

I like the food but that pickup experience sucked. Glad I scheduled a buffer time (we were still late).

If you do this, schedule 30 minutes earlier (the website is awesome for ordering)


I hope you went to management about this – I sure would’ve.


Trudy’s Underground BBQ today. Putting out some pretty fantastic brisket and some tasty pulled pork. His storefront at Crescent and 3rd should be opening in the coming month or so.

As an aside, can’t remember if it has been mentioned on this board, but La Barbecue from Austin is no longer coming to LA. Rumor has it, the city wouldn’t grant a license for the type of smoker they wanted to use, so they’re not coming.