Breakfast Poke on Avocado Toast


I think I may have just won some sort of foodie buzzword bingo or something.

I mean, maybe it’s good, but it just sounds like it’s trying so very VERY hard…


It does sound good but a bit too too :slight_smile:


Raw tuna, soy, and avocado do work together in a very Pacific Rim kinda way, and poke on toast isn’t a huge stretch, imo. But yes, it is definitely capitalizing on trends. There are much worse combinations of trends, however. On paper, this isn’t a bad offense, even if it’s very Basic and not terribly exciting.

However, the execution - here, proportions - look off. The problem with most avocado toasts, imo, is how it’s meant to be eaten. Often it doesn’t lead to an easy bite. Things fall off and it requires often both a delicate bite and also a big one to make sure you get the proper mouthful. Here, the poke cubes look like they’d slide off easily. Maybe a fork and knife thing, but it’s not super easy with toast. I recently experienced an avocado toast mess at Outerlands in SF - not a bad dish but it’s hard to eat cleanly, and it ends up being fussy. Cut it up and it becomes more like a salad with the toast becoming croutons.


A knife and fork do wonders. And no, don’t cut it up all at once. One small bite at a time, so one can still wittily converse with one’s table mates. :smirk:


Push the fusion further, wrap it all up in a tortilla.


On FB one of my friends posted a photo of a poke taco. I didn’t look to see if there was avocado.


Here it is. From Gott’s in St. Helena.

Ahi poke (Hawaiian-style, raw, marinated, sushi grade Ahi tuna), sliced avocado, green cabbage, cilantro, green onions, toasted sesame seeds & spicy mayo in crispy taco shells. 3 tacos per order. 14.99”


I would like that.


I’d eat it.


$5 per taco seems reasonable if the ingredients are good.


Agree. And St. Helena is in the Napa Valley for those who may not know so not cheap ‘rent’ there.


While at Yard House for a work mate’s send off, someone ordered their poke “nachos.” Poke on top of fried flour tortillas wedges, along with diced avocado, tomato/onion/herbs and some sort of Sriracha mayo. I was already three pints of Old Rasputin into the night before trying this, but it was pretty tasty.


They used to put more tuna in the taco. It’s still good, but I know what I’m missing. It’s one of our must stops when we’re in the valley to visit our wine clubs. My husband adores this dish.