Capital Seafood Beverly Hills [Dim Sum]: A Pictorial Essay


I’ve never gone to an SGV dim sum place on a weekday. Are they normally quite busy?


Longo is typically full before 11:30am



There are some dim sum that reheat best, steamed (I’m talking about you, har gow!) but some you can carefully microwave with steam (aka the damp paper bowl or, a few drops of water on the plate and then covered.)

Shu mai (sp?) and sticky rice in lotus leaves microwave beautifully.

Hooray leftovers!


And chicken feet MW perfectly.


I’ll take your word for it :grin:


we aaalways get double leaf wrapped rice for this reason. then we still have to fight the kid for it at home.


The stick rice zongzi (tamales) takeout from Din Tai Fung work well also.


Do you eat chicken feet? Have you ever eaten chicken feet?


Can you blame the kid for having good taste?!


Cath -

I do not eat chicken feet mostly cuz - I don’t eat chicken skin overall. Just don’t like the texture. (Unless it’s been deep fried so much that it’s like a very special potato chip. And then? Oooooo.)

Anyway, I figured that if I don’t like dark meat or chicken skin, odds are I will not like chicken feet, and have stayed away. (However my grandmother always included them in her chicken soup, I think for the extra gelatin they gave.)


Well, THAT makes sense. I see so many non-Chinese who just blindly won’t try them.

As an aside, my WF sells both feet and necks.


Thanks for appreciating my logic : )

As for feet and necks, so far I’ve been doing okay with just throwing the neck from the whole chicken (included in the pack) into the stock pot.

I’m just grateful I don’t have to burn the pinfeathers off, like my grandmothers had to do, in days gone by!


BTW, unless boneless/skinless, I hate dark meat chicken. There’s so little meat on a foot that I don’t think I was aware of its ‘color.’

My ‘country’ grandmother used to ‘ring’ their necks. No, no, not me.


Cath -

Again mostly? It’s the skin/texture thing, not the meat.

As for what your grandmother had to do? Oh no. No. Vegetarian I would be!

But I do know folks, of my age who grew up in farms and that’s just how that was, I get and respect that. Hugely. But I did not and am a wimp and so? No.





If you don’t already have a steamer, you can get a wire steamer rack that can convert a pot into a steamer. I think steaming results in a better taste, but I usually use a microwave out of convenience.


Thanks. I do have bamboo steamers and agree that the results would be better. Also agree that I opt for convenience :slight_smile:



Much, much thanks for the super-helpful essay. A couple of questions that I had after looking at the website.
It says dim sum hours for weekdays are 11:00 am - 3:00 pm. Does that mean they serve dim sum all day on the weekends, or not at all on the weekends (which would seem unbelievable)?

Also, are the non-dim sum items on the menu available all day on the weekends? If so, this would seem to be the dream restaurant for me and my SO - he does not like dim sum, I could eat it at any time of the day. The thought of me being able to get congee with roast duck and him able to get kun pao chicken at 4:00 in the afternoon on a Saturday seems to be heavenly - even it it’s not quite SGV quality.

thanks again!



Them are fighting words. Can’t stand white unless it’s been blitzed into a chicken salad w/ a decent amount of mayo.


Never is my meat thermometer more important than with chicken breasts.