Costco finds


Thanks to both of you. I will check with I go.


Wait - what???

Wow. Okay, will seek this out. I don’t think my costco has it but, I will call two of the higher end LA costco’s I think might.

I have a dear friend who loves caprese salads and her birthday is coming up A bag of this would be a fun gift. Thank you for the heads up!


I was at our Reno Costco and saw something new in the mozzarella nabe. But didn’t pay particular attention. Should have since we’re still getting great tomatoes at our farmers market.


Thanks for the tip on this mozzarella. It’s something else.

(It’s still at the Marina Del Rey location, for anyone in the area.)


also spotted in Burbank


We’re absolutely hooked on this bread. Toasted for breakfast, sandwich, dinner, you name it.


We just bought another pan…for probably the half-dozen-ith time :slight_smile: With some cooked spinach, we’ll have a great dinner. Oh, and maybe some of that foccacia.


What we have here is four grams of white truffle (the correct variety, though surely the lowest grade available, such as rejects from their fresh sales last year) stretched with half a pound of butter and “aromi,” which is to say aromatic chemicals such as 2,4-dithiapentane.

I like synthetic truffle aroma, but it seems a lot more cost-effective to buy butter and truffle oil and mix my own.


Holy shit! That’s a good price!


If you’re the company selling it!


Found the Costco rack of pork the other day. We cooked half of it last night. We’ll get a couple of more for the freezer. They’re so good.


Orecchiette in case you can’t tell. It’s there with the meat dishes like the ravioli lasagna with Bolognese. Super good.


Unfortunately they’ve discontinued it - at least in the Reno store. Will be in Seattle in a few weeks and will check there.


We still have that bread at some OC stores. My only issue with it is that it begins to mold on day 4 or so if left on the counter, even tightly sealed. We now cut it in half and freeze part.


We’ve done the same. But we eat it quite quickly! With breakfast, lunch and dinner :slight_smile: Thanks for the heads up.

#196 gave me my daily - these days - emails with a lot of gift baskets which I’m not a fan of the pre-made type. But this I ordered for us :slight_smile:

I’ve waited til I ordered it to share here :slight_smile:



Whoa. If I see that jamon with the stand tomorrow I know what I’m buying myself for Christmas.


We saw that today also. We both remember seeing one in El Corte Ingles in Lisbon. It was being carved with what appeared to be a surgical scalpel. PS: It’s fun to be in Costco and TJs at this time o year :slight_smile:


The Richmond one did not have duck confit or some of the other holiday goodies. I’ll have to swing by one of the Silicon Valley ones where the millionaires shop.