Costco finds


I prefer Montgomery’s but I wouldn’t eat it on toast with tomatoes.


The Jasper Hill Cave-Aged Cheddar Costco has had for $10 /lb. is worth a try.


Ooh, I LOVE Jasper Hill. Will have to look for it.


The Jasper Hill is delicious. If I’m doing a massive cheese plate and all the cheese is from Costco, Jasper Hill’s cave-aged always makes the cut.


Have you had any of their others? Their Winnimere (seasonal) is my fave and I love Harbison also.


For a different kind of cheese entirely, has anyone tried Délice de Bourgogne? Really nice triple-creme. If you want to try a smaller chunk that what Costco sells, Trader Joe’s also has it, in small wedges.


We love DdB!!! As do our little grand-kids. At least at our Costco it seems to be more holiday-seasonal and, yes, TJs has it also.


We bought a chicken recently (in Seattle) and it was a lot juicier than I remember. (It’s been a few years.) But not a ton of flavor and I doubt I’ll be in a rush to buy one again.


Costco Santa Clarita stocks Chef’d for $15. Turned out pretty well but 30 mins is a crock of shit.


Enjoy those while they last.


Now that you mention it, last I looked, I haven’t seen it at our Costcos either. TJ’s always has it, though.
(Délice de Bourgogne)


I might have seen it at WF but not sure.


They were sampling little turkey, cheese and pesto sandwiches. Columbus turkey which we bought cause we frequently have a fridge full of food but nothing for lunch. The pesto is Kirkland and was really good. Never thought of putting it on a sandwich but we will. Today we had a couple of slices of leftover pizza for lunch and I spread a little of it on it. Quite tasty. It only has about a two month expiration but can be frozen. They’re so smart to sample things, aren’t they?


oh I LOVE that stuff! I serve it with fig jam and water crackers and as one of my friends said “It’s like ice cream!” So rich and smooth.


Costco now has back the big jar of Star capers, under $6. I bought two jars as I’d been out for a long time.

They also had honeycomb which they haven’t had in ages.

ETA: Forgot to mention that we bought a loaf of chive potato focaccia. Brushed with oo and grilled.


Garofalo mozzarella di bufala campana DOC, $12 for four 125 g / 4.4-oz. balls. Got tipped off about it by an Italian. It’s not easy to find mozzarella this good in Italy. The Redwood City Costco has it sometimes but I don’t think my closest branches have ever had it.

They also had the Angelo & Franco ciliegine, $6 for 1 lb. We did a taste-off and there was no comparison. I had some A&F burrata in a restaurant that was great but have not seen it retail yet.


The Marina del Rey store had it back in July. Pretty darned good as a Costco item.


Where was it? I haven’t seen it.


The MdR store has that aisle with cheeses on both walls, perpendicular to the meat dept case with prepared foods. The aisle’s north(?) wall usually has at least a couple of fresh mozzarella/burrata products. Not sure if the product is still there - I don’t recall seeing it last week.


When I’ve seen it, it has always been near the other mozzarellas.