Costco finds


I prefer Montgomery’s but I wouldn’t eat it on toast with tomatoes.


The Jasper Hill Cave-Aged Cheddar Costco has had for $10 /lb. is worth a try.


Ooh, I LOVE Jasper Hill. Will have to look for it.


The Jasper Hill is delicious. If I’m doing a massive cheese plate and all the cheese is from Costco, Jasper Hill’s cave-aged always makes the cut.


Have you had any of their others? Their Winnimere (seasonal) is my fave and I love Harbison also.


For a different kind of cheese entirely, has anyone tried Délice de Bourgogne? Really nice triple-creme. If you want to try a smaller chunk that what Costco sells, Trader Joe’s also has it, in small wedges.


We love DdB!!! As do our little grand-kids. At least at our Costco it seems to be more holiday-seasonal and, yes, TJs has it also.


We bought a chicken recently (in Seattle) and it was a lot juicier than I remember. (It’s been a few years.) But not a ton of flavor and I doubt I’ll be in a rush to buy one again.


Costco Santa Clarita stocks Chef’d for $15. Turned out pretty well but 30 mins is a crock of shit.


Enjoy those while they last.


Now that you mention it, last I looked, I haven’t seen it at our Costcos either. TJ’s always has it, though.
(Délice de Bourgogne)


I might have seen it at WF but not sure.


They were sampling little turkey, cheese and pesto sandwiches. Columbus turkey which we bought cause we frequently have a fridge full of food but nothing for lunch. The pesto is Kirkland and was really good. Never thought of putting it on a sandwich but we will. Today we had a couple of slices of leftover pizza for lunch and I spread a little of it on it. Quite tasty. It only has about a two month expiration but can be frozen. They’re so smart to sample things, aren’t they?