Date night, your choice!




…and take an uber.


…and, and wine lovers (like you) love it.


thanks. yea guess we’d just chi spacca again… she hasn’t had everything there yet. been to all but kato.

Simone anyone?


+1 for Providence…I adore it for swankier date nights.


Trois Mec deserves another look with their new Table d’Hôte Tasting Menu.

Because grilled Santa Barbara spot prawns…






If you do Tesse, Blue Crab with whipped potatoes and cognac is very decadent!


I adore it for any night (the price point is a bit of a challenge though)


Yeah…hence, swanky date night. :grin:


Really did not like tesse when I went, hard pass for me


AOC’s patio followed by cocktails at Roger Room.


Oh right! Thanks. Plan A is this or Chi Spax default


what was it that didn’t work for you?


Love it. Was nice.

Roger room was our big hangout some 8 yrs ago.


I prefer Osteria Mozza to Chi Spacca for a date night. There’s only so much you can order with just two people. Doesn’t do the place justice. Plus the dining room is so much more elegant at OM.


Good observation. I don’t think OP is looking for the elegant aspect so much, but it does seem like you would benefit more from chi Spacca in a group.


It’s a fair point but this is the 12 years of dating kind of date where we just want top food and drink. She’s super happy there. We both love Osteria but aligned on Chi Spacca doing more things we want. I agree it’s nice to be able to get the big format things but we’ve had a couple of amazing dinners there eating the other things. You right tho.



Orsa & Winston