Dim Sum for Dinner in SGV


Was hoping to meet friends for a dim sum dinner at Sea Harbour tomorrow night, but they are bought out for the night. Anywhere else that serves dim sum during dinner time besides Lunasia in the SGV?



‘Dim sum’ and ‘dinner’ shouldn’t belong in the same sentence. Sorry I can’t be more constructive here.


There’s also Lunasia in Pasadena. :joy:


Peking Tavern, while not officially dim sum, has some nice dumplings available for dinner (and happy hour)



Well if we’re moving out of the SGV, then there’s CBS Seafood in Chinatown


Wait Sea Harbour serves dim sum for dinner?

Is this new?



Interesting I’ll have to check that out sometime, I’ve always loved breakfast for dinner.


if you must have dim sum, there’s always yum cha cafe… and have enough money left over to pay for the subsequent doctor visit.


Thanks for suggestions all. In the end, we went to Lunasia in Alhambra.