Dinner near LAX


maybe i didn’t hit the time window right. . .


I was at FWD for lunch Monday and there was no valet.


Possible it is only offered on weekends. We only go on Saturdays for brunch or lunch and the last couple of times valet was right there. BTW, the crab cake benedict, offered only for brunch is seriously delicious.



When will you be driving this “15 minutes”?

6 pm.? Try a nearby local In N Out or McDonalds

10 pm.? Maybe some place like Barrique.


Work your way through this very eclectic list in Inglewood. Jamaican, Burmese, Somalian, Nigerian, Malaysian, Soul food, BBQ, Mexican …



Thanks all. This is a great start. This is one of those “I can’t win” situations with (1) dad not going to like anything fussy, and pretty much not much of anything - he’ll be picking us up and driving and he can’t walk very far, (2) mom will like most anywhere we go but if it over a certain price point it will ruin her food enjoyment although she won’t even see the bill, and (3) probably not much more to add other than see 1 and 2 again!

Keep the ideas and/or discussion coming!


I think in this situation @TheCookie has the best suggestion. Just go to Truxton’s, the foods not bad or expensive, it’s not a hassle to get there from the airport no matter the time of day. pretty much ‘american’ food (Seoul Burger anyone?) that won’t scare off your parents and they have enough booze to make you forget you could be eating somewhere better :slight_smile:


If budget is a concern r.e. mom, that’s a subjective issue. My dear mom was like that. If dad doesn’t like fussy, again - kinda subjective.

Kagura, a tonkatsu specialist in El Segundo, is a good bargain to most. The meals can be quite large given the prices IMHO, and the quality is pretty much on par with the Torrance location. No wine to speak of though, but the sake selection is pretty good.

Second City Bistro in El Segundo has a broad wine list, very good food - nothing too fussy in my eyes - and prices might be just slightly high. Serving portions are more than adequate. Get the lamb chops if offered. The burger is delicious.

Ayara Thai in Westchester is very good for non-Thai Town Thai. It can be a little difficult to find if you’re not familiar with the area - Google is your friend. They seem to always be very busy at dinner, so reservations would help. Most consider Thai food to be inexpensive. But Ayara is on the higher side for Thai cuisine of this kind. The bill can add up pretty fast for the budget conscious - almost everything is ~$10-15, and it’s easy to order six-eight dishes for four here.

Truxton’s is close to Ayara, and they have safe and relatively “more exotic” choices. I haven’t eaten here in years so I couldn’t give you a true opinion. But it might work with your dad - budget-conscious moms may be hard to deal with at anywhere but Norm’s.


Rose Cafe in Venice might work, depending in traffic. It has a parking lot behind, really good food and some nice wines. Charcoal in MDR is another option not yet mentioned but worth consideration if grilled meats and vegetables appeal {there is a valet so parking should be easy]. Heading the other way, someone mentioned Superba in El Segundo, which is very close to the center’s large parking lot. I’ve had some surprisingly good meals at Brickworks in the Manhattan Village Shopping Center, which also has another fairly good option called Tin Roof Bistro (from the Simmzy’s Group)–both have good wine lists and the large parking the Center offers.


[quote=“lmnopm, post:26, topic:4350”]
(1) dad not going to like anything fussy
[/quote][quote=“lmnopm, post:26, topic:4350”]
(2) mom will like most anywhere we go but if it over a certain price point it will ruin her food enjoyment although she won’t even see the bill
[/quote]Truxton’s. @aaqjr is being understandably cautious… Lest we be ridiculed for lack of hipness. But this is for the family. The food is better than “not bad”. Think Daily Grill with local soul, in a setting comfortable for parents.

I do think this a time when Yelp will be helpful in seeing what menu items diners are partial to.

Like aaqjr stated, there are other places you would enjoy. But Truxton’s fits the family bill.

Happy eating!


with those constraints, i’d immediately make a reservation at cafe del rey on admiralty in marina del rey.

the attended parking lot is directly in front of the restaurant so nobody will be exiting the car onto the street.

the food isn’t very fussy AND they will accommodate modifications and requests AND i can’t remember ever seeing anything spicy on the menu. this means that if your dad wants something simple, the restaurant will accommodate without complaint.

check the menu to see if the price point will be ok with your mom.


I like Rose Cafe, but would be in awe if someone made it from LAX to here in 15 or less. The OP’s parameters are pretty limiting.


Yup Marina del rey is about as far north as you can go in 15 IMO

Although I would highly recommend dinner at Rose Cafe (get reservations) its pretty great.


If I had to narrow it down today, it would be Truxton’s or Kagura.

As much as I grew up at Norm’s, I’ll keep that in the “childhood memories” department. I will also pass on Dinah’s as well as In-n-Out (for a leisurely dinner).


imho, the food at dinah’s, with the exception of the german and apple pancakes, has gone downhill.


Agree - we went there a few times after the ownership?/management? change and just about everything we tried was not the same, except the German pancake. We haven’t been back since.


Hi @westsidegal & @bulavinaka -
I’ve seen it but, have actually never been to Dinah’s. Is it true they have good fried chicken?


Maybe at some point they did. Last time I went it was overcooked and dry, haven’t been back since




if anyone in your party might be ordering fish, i respectfully would recommend NOT going to tin roof bistro.