Dinner near LAX


You’d never know it by this board. You guys are really into your char.

To me too. I don’t get where the “NY pizza has a lot of char” thing comes from. I don’t remember that being the case.

Not knockin’ char, just sayin’.


Grimaldi’s has that coal fired oven which is supposed to reach extremely high temps. Not that I want my pie to be charcoal, but I thought the crust would come out on the darker side. They obviously have the process dialed in to bake the crust just browned.

The pies were still technically very good - no complaints on their part. Between “us” picking a losing combo on the pesto pie and not requesting a more burnished crust, the fault lies on our side of the table.


We haven’t had a lot of luck picking good combos for the pesto. I’m not sure whose fault it is. Because we like pesto, we like their toppings, but somehow whenever we get a pesto combo, it’s not as tasty as we think it should be. OTOH, we’ve yet to dislike any combo we come up with for their regular sauce.

Yeah, given a choice, I’d rather err a touch on the char side than the blonde side. Not a big fan of the undercooked doughy taste of a lot of pizza places. I definitely like my pizza style to be thin and crusty. Kind of opposite of how I like my women.


Pesto never really works on pizza.


In tend to agree with this. I’ve had some exceptions, but they merely prove the general rule.


It looked okay to me, too, but it’s sometimes hard to tell from pics, so I’m inclined to defer to @bulavinaka on this one.

Sadly, we are not representative. But I have to admit it’s getting better … a little better all the time.

Same. I’ve even said, on occasion, “I want to see that sucker burnt!”

That reminds me, the thing to get at Grimaldi’s, if you want something besides tomato sauce, is a white pie with garlic. Goes great with sausage and mushroom.


You’re singing to the choir. That was my nomination - exact down to the toppings. Voted down by the “Mao” vote. Paraphrasing The Chairman, all votes are equal, but some are more equal than others.


I’m reviving this thread for Brunch/Lunch near LAX. Same crowd as last time, but I’ll modify the requirements a bit:

(1) 20 minute drive each way range from Century Blvd.
(2) Meal about 11am (latest start) on a Wednesday - starting any later (i.e., a lunch spot that may not open until 1130) would be too late to comfortably make connecting check-in/flight.
(3) Beach area not necessary and could (I know, shudder) could be inclement weather during the visit.
(4) Nothing mostly raw, or mostly spicy. Otherwise, various ethnic varieties are fine.
(5) Nothing that is going to require more than 5 or so minutes of walking from a car.
(6) Wine/spirits not important
(7) Diners and dives welcome (but not drive-ins)!


Panns, Superba -el segundo



Umi by Hamasaku


+1 for Superba in El Segundo. They open at 8am (lunch is from 11am-4pm) and there’s plenty of parking in the lot.



Did you see this? Yoya’s bday celebration


Pretty awesome that they went to Shibumi haha

A little weird that Schlosser says they don’t include tempura, I’ve had tempura dishes there. Then they also make tempura for him lol

It’s fascinating that his wife works there, too!


Second Grimaldi’s. Also Ayara Luk, Al Watan, Al Noor, and Zam Zam.

EDIT: Oops forgot about the time constraint. Zam Zam might not be best for an early lunch.


Benefits of being in the industry!

The LA Japanese Restaurant world is small, seems like they all know each other or only a few degrees away, ie friend/family who knows this chef or that manager, or this chef used to work with that chef, etc


I know a few Japanese-Hawaiians who like to drop in to Gardena Bowl Coffee Shop when picking up at LAX.

I like Chubby Rice, really good Chinese-American food. Get the General Tso’s!!! They have quite a few house made sauces.


I really enjoyed the experience and the patty melt at Pann’s. Plus you can take La Tijera all the way to/back LAX


Tentative reservation here. Sounds like the perfect meal before an hour of airline lounge snacks/drinks and 10+ hours on a plane.