Dish of the Month (DoTM) -- JULY 2017 -- BURGERS


an FTC meet up at ERB would be awesome!


ERB’s burger is easily one of my favorites.

Just pure freaking beef flavor. It did get hit with a ugly stick


as an ex-new yorker, imho, a lot of what goes on in the california sandwich world seems wrong on a lot of levels-- especially when mayonnaise is involved



Some of the most creative and interesting sandwiches are found in Manhattan.

And what’s a “california sandwich”? A long lost cousin of the California roll?


i’m old enough so that my exposure to sandwiches was limited to:

  1. deli sandwiches-
    i.e. corned beef, pastrami, on rye bread served with pickle. mustard (guldens) available on the side.

2) luncheonette sandwiches–
normally, only the BLT and the tuna were served with mayo

or, if an experimental adult would cooperate
3) meatball sandwiches with red sauce

i had no exposure whatsoever to “creative” sandwiches.
going to sandwich shops in manhattan that served “creative” sandwiches was simply not in the cards for me. my family went to manhattan for “fancy” dinners. other than than we stayed in queens or brooklyn

my exposure to a “california” sandwich occurred when i moved to san francisco and saw cheese and/or mayo being put on virtually everything.


Hmmm… mayonnaise on a sandwich is a California thing? Tell that to Richard Hellmann. And don’t get me started on the origins of cheese on a sandwich…


Yes if we’re going to generalize, to me mayo on every sandwich is a Midwestern thing if anything - bologna and American cheese with mayo, ham and swiss with mayo …


The one I still cannot get my head wrapped around is the UK ham and butter sandwich. I love butter and I love ham but just not together on a sandwich. If the sandwich was a grilled cheese with butter melted into the crusty bread and ham thrown into the mix that would be a different situation.


That’s funny, because I actually love ham and butter on a sandwich! I do it on baguette or ciabatta though, not your normal sliced bread.


If you’re ever near Wally’s Cheese Box, they do a very tasty sandwich with prosciutto, gruyere, greens, and butter.


Everytime this subject comes up on FTC I think of…


(To the waiter)
I’m gonna have a corned beef.

(To the waiter)
Yeah … oh, uh, and I’m gonna have a pastrami on white bread with, uh, mayonnaise and tomatoes and lettuce.
(Alvy involuntarily makes a face as the waiter leaves)


“Anytime a person goes into a delicatessen and orders a pastrami on white bread, somewhere a Jew dies. “—
~ Milton Berle


When I was a kid we went to London. The first meal we were served was a chicken sandwich on white bread with butter. I was miserable. @ipsedixit should like this - they were really into Miracle Whip at the time too. But I agree with @boogiebaby. I rather like ham sandwiches with butter.


You should check out Madame Monsieur in Downtown!

Really good Ham and Butter Sandwich, Frenchy style.


Zinque does salami with butter and cornichons. Most of my friends think it’s odd but I really like it.


And - because I completely lost track of what thread this is - they have a burger on the menu that looks pretty good but I’ve never tried it.


Or this…


Hey - Where ya’ been?


I’ll get right on it…


Since we’ve gone so off-topic - with this mayo and butter on a sandwich thing - I’ll at least tell a DoTM Burger story. We ended up at Dog Haus because we first walked 1.5 miles to Nickel Diner to get the @ipsedixit recommended Patty Melt.

Accept we neglected to check the hours. The proprietor let us wait there for our Uber to Dog Haus and also gave us complimentary Biscuits to go. Once we’re not sick of Burgers we’ll try Nickel… and also @Bigmouth’s Greenbird Burger at Umami… and also… okay I’ll stop now. So many burgers!


Crazy busy…its a good thing.