Dish of the Month (DoTM) -- JULY 2017 -- BURGERS


You’re allowed to say “american cheese”. I draw the line at “yummo” though. ;o)


Hah! I know, I know.


Chance Burger (jalapeño, sautéed chili onion, habanero cream coleslaw, cheddar) from The Standing Room in Redondo Beach. I tend to not like most of the burgers here because I feel like they have too much going on, but I really like the flavor combination of this one.


You win!


[quote=“thechez5, post:23, topic:6010”]
The Standing Room
[/quote]Oh wait. I’ve been to this place and have been trying to remember the name since burgers were voted. It’s a counter in a convenience store? Yes, the burger had a lot going on and I hate baby greens on my burger (your slaw looks much better). With that said it was still pretty delicious. They know how to cook a burger. Great picture btw.


Plus a 16-ouncer for background music.


Yeah, it’s inside a liquor store.

They do, but they cook the meat medium, so I ask for it medium rare. And thank you! :grinning:


Lumpia Burger with sisig tater tots at Bahay Kainan in Carson. If you missed the sisis tots from Belly n Snout and don’t want to drive out to their new location in Rancho Cucamonga these are a good substitute. I want to check out the rest of the menu.


Howard’s Famous Bacon & Avocado Burgers, in Palms (just east of the intersection of Sepulveda & Venice Blvds.)… I’ve always wanted to try the burger there. The DOTM gave me further incentive to go. I got the “Howard’s Special”, which is the classic 1/4 pound burger with bacon, avocados, and “the works”, fries, and a drink.

Verdict: It’s a good burger! A bit on the greasy side, perhaps, but that is not a bad thing with me. Fries are good too (better than In-N-Out’s, in my book). I’m just not sure the avocado adds all that much to the gestalt, but it was tasty.

Overall, Howard’s is a clean, friendly place which also serves different sandwiches, tacos, quesadillas, and fish & chips! I even got a pretty decent order of breaded shrimp (with tartar sauce) as well. Lots of locals coming in and out, and the people working there are super-friendly. I’d go back.


Wow, great! I’ve always wondered about that place.


i would say this about most everything. i’m sick of avocado on everything like
folks were sick of bacon on everything.

i must have passed this place a bunch of times, but never knew anyone who
at there. thanks for the report.


Even guacamole?


naw. it just seems to me the avocado has become kinda ubiquitous in the last few years. too many sandwiches have avocado on them for me.



I love avocado, but somewhat agree. Toast? Yes. A salad? Definitely. Guacamole? :kissing_closed_eyes:! But on burgers and sandwiches it’s just messy and doesn’t add anything.


I don’t even know that this has any relevance, but this avocado happy dance sort of makes me happy.


Harumph! :frowning_face: Here I will overlook this flaw in your character makeup.


Not to derail the Burger theme. But have you ever tried Smitty’s on Venice right where Culver meets? It’s been a couple of years since I went, but when we first moved in the area, we would go a few times a year. I thought the fried fish and their tartar sauce was solid for the price. Come to think of it the fried chicken was pretty decent too. I should give them a try to see how things have held up.


i love avocado on sandwiches when it is used instead of mayo.

i feel about mayo the way you feel about avocado.


I know. What is wrong with me?