Dish of the Quarter (DoTM) - SUMMER 2018 - FRUIT


What’s different with those picks???


Picked up strawberries from Oxnard on our way home from a weekender in Santa Barbara. Made Ina Garten’s Vanilla Cream Cheese Pound Cake the next day to have my own version of strawberry shortcake. Didn’t even need to macerate the berries because they were already super sweet.


Frozen raspberries with pomegranate juice and vodka.


Harry’s Berries, Santa Monica Farmer’s Market…

Those Gaviota strawberries are just so, so sweet right now…


Vanilla Haagen daaz. With strawberries from the garden.


Yes, technically a vegetable but just discovered rhubarb.

Made taco Maria’s scallop agachile with rhubarb

And rhubarb and strawberry galette


I have no pictures, but we were down in Rancho Santa Fe a couple weekends ago and the strawberries from Chino Farms down there were probably the best I’ve had in my life.


That scallop-rhubarb dish looks so good.


thanks! its one of our favorite. Recipe from LA mexicano by Bill Esparza…


Went to Underwood Farms yesterday to pick veggies and strawberries. The strawberries are so sweet! Can’t wait for raspberries next!!


If this was already discussed, I apologize, but… Is the fruit just unusually good this season? I just stopped by the Brentwood Farmer’s Market today (I only go every few mos b/c I’m, well, lazy), and the fruit was insane. Some no-name (to my knowledge) strawberries were amazingly sweet, and there was one stand that even had oddly soft (in a good way) white peaches.

I normally don’t find the fruit at this FM to be particularly special, so I was kind of amazed at today’s selections…


try with a spanish vermouth … not dry .

this one is commonly found


If you squint really hard you’ll see Harry’s Berries’ Seascapes under all that Straus cream.


That is so decadent. :heart:


Simple and perfect. Good treatment for peaches in season as well.


A salad of some of my favorite things…

Peaches, cucumbers, watermelon, black pepper, basil and tarragon, lemon olive oil vinaigrette.

Sorry if this photo makes you dizzy, the angle is seriously off, lol.


harry’s berries strawberry creme caramel salad


Backyard Persian mulberries…


Those look like the Pakistani mulberries. Do you know what cultivar you have? I’m looking to get a dwarf mulberry to train into a bush to see if I can get it to fruit.


Consulted with my boss (and gardener-in-chief), Mrs. J_L. You are right about them being Pakistan mulberries, and not Persian.

That’s what I get from having the kotlet sandwich & ash from Attari for lunch :slight_smile: