Dishes of the Month -- November 2017: Comfort Food and Pie


Original Pancake House




I’ve been surviving on pate chauds which are basically VN/FR meat pies.

the ones at Lee’s Sandwiches are freaking terrible, but when you’re hungry AF and only have 2 minutes to eat, they meet the need.




the QPR at popcorn chicken is incredible, especially in that neck of the woods.


What is that? Looks delicious…


I tried the fried chicken bites seasoned and they were ok.

What should I order there?


pretty happy with their chicken dish which is basically chicken drowned in some ginger sauce (like hainan chicken but not) and their beef noodle soup.

I think it’s widely accepted that popcorn chicken’s strength is not popcorn chicken, unless you’re a UCLA student looking for popcorn chicken to eat with boba.


What to order at Popcorn Chicken (in no particular order): Beef stew & rice combo, beef noodles in soup, braised pork rice.

Note the absence of popcorn chicken in that list there.


thank you!


Beijing Pie House

This place always turns me into a hipster and i end up eating the pies before it’s cool.




Ricotta toast with house made jam…


It is? I rather like the popcorn chicken myself (and can’t stand boba), though I do have to admit I go there a lot less since I found Anzu.


They also get extra points for the ease in which one can get Asian style chicken nuggets fresh out of the fryer.

Places like Nijya and Mitsuwa have them in the refrigerated section - not ideal. Lots of izakaya and ramen joints have good to great versions but the dish is usually not meant to go or for a quick bite.


It came to the attention of a poster (perhaps @J_L?) and then to FTC at large b/c of the beef noodle soup, IIRC.


Ohhh right. Thanks for the reminder – I’ve been meaning to try the beef noodle soup. Just didn’t realize the popcorn chicken itself had fallen into “avoid/skip it” territory.


I will fully admit I haven’t been reading the thread super closely (per my usual), but I don’t know if it’s “fallen” so much as it’s always been kind of down. I enjoy eating the popcorn chicken in the way I enjoyed eating “Nerds” candy as a kid. It’s kind of fun to eat something that doesn’t resemble anything you’d find in nature.


The braised pork rice there has always been phenomenal (just had it a few days ago - consistently good). The beef stew is solid too. I simply haven’t felt like ordering beef noodle soup recently (no craving it anywhere), but I’ll try it again if there are downhill reports from other FTCers.


so this is a bone marrow mac & cheese and it’s way better than it looks or sounds.

firstly the shape of the pasta is incredible… i have to find it… TROTTOLE

second the cheese is just right… third… the marrow shockingly mixes into the dish nicely and it works… but the braised beef that they add is really great… and it’s finished with some sort of jam for a very nice sweet kick… just outstanding dish really

The Recess Room way down south