Dry aged steaks - what are your latest go to butchers?


You require getting them all at the same place??? We’ve got local ranchers who sell some of the more ‘esoteric’ cuts to restaurants who will pay more. Is there ‘better’ tripe?


You know the young male cows from dairy cows are not considered fit for breeding and slaughtered for veal . I find it better tasting than the grass or corn fed beef .


Ah, I thought it was the females that had ‘retired.’


The young male bull calves cannot produce milk. And will be . Oh you know


I live minutes away from a fantastic butchershop, A Cut Above and small grocery store, Bob’s Market, that carries a great selection of prime meat. I can get oxtail, tongue, and most any cut of steak, prime or dry-aged, anytime I want. What I can’t get easily is tripe or sweetbreads, so if I have to pay shipping costs from say Crowd cow of dartgnan, I like it to include something I can’t get easily.

I’ve never heard of better tripe, but there is some difference between the stomachs, not that I have any idea of what the taste difference would be.


anyone have an opinion on McCall’s? I like it when I go and it’s a whole lot closer/easier than Standing’s, but I’m absolutely unqualified to have a serious opinion on the subject.


McCall’s is fantastic, but their prices are also fantastically astronomical.


Quite good. Those are the 2 I go to. Here’s a pic i grabbed once


My Bristol farms will often have dry aged ny strips or ribeye. Just pick the funkier looking ones. Or have the butcher pick. Excellent. And fairly reasonable at $25 or so a lb.


BF also occassionally has the dry-aged on sale as well.


Yeah, there’s a thread about that somewhere here. Can’t recall when it happened. Perhaps within the year?


Yeah, but how much was the Monbousquet per ounce and how many ounces did you have? : )


That’s how I like my beef! Less fat overall but more intensely flavored fat.
Your cool on that steak is on point.


@fidelixi :smile: swigged a 1/3 of the bottle for the ~11ozs of steak , bought it some time ago, can’t remember how much I paid for it. Decent, drinking nicely.

@frommtron the flavor of the fat was definitely a highlight. Would be nice to render the sucker, chill and use it as butter :crazy_face:


@Sgee Boy, you’re disciplined! I feel virtuous if I can stop at half the bottle. : /


More like I can’t hold my liquor :blush:


Yes. The good stuff has not been “bleached.”


Willowside Meats, $18 a pound. Unfortunately 400+ miles from LA. Maybe there’s a similar place in SoCal ranch country?


Wow, they’re the real deal! Under “services,”

  • Meat Market, Meat Processing, Butchering, Sausages, Ranch Slaughtering, Curing and Smoking, Choice Freezer Meats, Frozen Food Locker Rentals.

Gotta tell my Bay Area friends and maybe head that way ourselves. Thanks, robert.


Ah… that explains it. Most of the tripe we had in Beijing was like this.