Eataly - Century City


Yeah, MiDici is on the same block but across the street. Killing me cause I ditched the carbs so it is just a once-in-a-great-while treat. But I am thinking lo-carb meat and cheese will work :slight_smile:


I go there every few months, and love it. They’ve been open for just over 3 years, and they’re very friendly and patient with cheese tastes. They always have lots of cheese choices, changing meats (I don’t usually get meats), and other things that would go well on a cheese board (honeys, nuts, olives, etc.). They have 3 different sandwiches each day, available until they sell out.

The Cheesemongers are really awesome, and if I had more of a budget for cheese, I’d go more often. Parking is a bit easier now that they have 3 reserved parking spots right behind the store (although you do have to walk through the adjacent gas station to get to/from them).


Nobody having thoughts of ethical considerations going to a place with financial benefit to the clearly unethical and criminal person ( whom we all loved at some point) ?


He’s being removed, and there are many decent, hardworking people that make the company a success, so no.

Unlike April Bloomfield’s private “rape room”, I’m pretty sure the Eataly’s are clean as far as drunken groping parties.

The Mozza complex hasn’t had any reports of bad behavior either, so I suppose it depends on what his partners in various enterprises are willing to accept.


Is he being removed as partner and thus not taking any future profits?


Yes, being completely divested. It’s a process, so it will take some time, but he has been removed from any operational control in the company.


I knew that yes. Didn’t know about divesting. That’s good then, when he gets bought out I’ll go back and maybe give them a second chance after their failure on first try.


I go every couple months to stock up on Venchi bars. But for everything else Italian, I still love Guidi Marcello.


Never heard of that place. The photos show almost all the food stuffs packed in plastic. Is there fresh bread and if so, who bakes it? I’m going to give it a try but not going to Eataly is not an option for me, especially because of Batali. His pigginess doesn’t mean all the employees around the country should suffer.


Maybe just a matter of taste, but I prefer Gioia to Di Stefano. Burrata and mozz are fresh cheeses, so freshness is equal to pedigree. Having compared the two straight out of the plant and not from the supermarket shelf, for texture and flavor, my go to is Gioia, but not by a large margin.

Depending on the Whole Foods, I’ve seen the Di Stefano stored in a subpar manner, sometimes in the same open cheese case with the parms, pecorinos, etc. It’s really too warm for burrata in open refrigerated shelves.

And don’t get me started with chefs importing burrata and mozz from Italy. By the time it gets to your plate it’s over cultured which is why it often has more tang and the consistency goes south. If you have these fresh cheeses in Italy, notably Napoli, it tastes not very much like what arrives here off the boat. Very overrated, IMHO, but I understand if they’re trying to help a cousin.

Here’s a couple of helpful articles:
Russ Parson’s Taste Test

Serious Eats


Guidi Marcello. :heart:


I’ve never tried Di Stefano fresh from the factory, but I have loved Gioia since the old Board introduced me to it. I’ve also introduced it to some of my friends…they find it delightful.


I have been noticing this new vendor at various farmers market (sat in La Canada, sun in Brentwood), and I do not know whether they make it locally or import it, but their Burrata is outstanding. Mozarella and Scamorza is great as well.
Their Burrata is creamy and delicate with wonderful flavor, no tangy notes.
They also have a brick and mortar place in Culver City, but I have never been.


Yes! I’m on my way to Culver City farmers’ market now to pick up some burrata. If I can get a nice tomato, I will probably get the mozza also.


Just to recalibrate the geography, their website indicates they’re located on Robertson by Airdrome in 90035 - that’s the Fairfax area. They also list two different cities in two different areas of the website - L.A. and Granada Hills? Definitely not the SFV. Thanks for the info though. Choose the right time and day, and it’s still within striking distance.


Great! The closest location to me is Long Beach on a Wednesday. I may need to sneak out of the office early…and do a side-by-side tasting with Gioia.


Arrosticini di montone! Gamy, funky, fucking delicious.


Anthony Bourdain would not have passed on that delicious piece of smoky, mutton-fat-soaked toast.


LOL. I could give up the meat just to get the toast :slight_smile: Thanks.


Almond-grilled toast with mutton fat should be a thing.