[Eater] What is Korean-Uzbek Food? — K-Town


Good stuff @matthewkang

Non-fermented kimchi? Isn’t that just Jardinière?


It’s fermented, just a different flavor profile. Think of it like spicy sauerkraut.



Great video. Do we have anything like this at Los Angeles Koreatown?


Jardiniere with fermented shrimp!


Here’s a fascinating piece from KCRW’s Good Food that talks about the Korean carrot salad I mentioned. The interview mentions Koreans ended up in Uzbekistan when Stalin forcibly relocated them there.


Not that I know of, certainly. NYC has a number of Korean-Uzbek restaurants, but this one might be the most serious one.


Oh shit. This is exciting. My fam lived in Uzbekistan when i was in grade 1-4 and i dearly miss good Uzbek food. Fusion will be interesting. Yes there were a fuck load of koreans there.

edit: poop… there’s nothing in Ktown :frowning: and I miss actual Uzbek food.