Eric Greenspan's New Jewish Deli Fleishik’s Opens This Week!


According to CH, as of 2012,

I had lunch at Langer’s a week ago and asked the manager this specific question. He told me that they WERE getting bread from Bea’s, but are NOW getting bread from Fred’s.


That was a good read.

Has anyone been to Langer’s lately? I have not. Curious to hear if other food talkers think it has gone downhill.

I agree about the pizza not being better than L.A. But I find the love of Joe’s inexplicable. Is there something wrong with me?


exactly. not what I was expecting or had in mind. It’s one thing to update or modernize a cuisine, but to add a multitude of ingredients that will not create a greater sum than the parts really adds nothing.

For example: “The Zayde”----grilled kosher salami is a delicious thing. All it needs is rye and mustard with a dill pickle on the side (or if you want to get fancy, the pickle can go in the sandwich. That’s how I liked it as a kid–pickle in sandwich). Frying the pickle and adding caramelized onion (which would make the sandwich too sweet) to the grilled salami with no rye bread in sight sounds like a failed sandwich.

I haven’t been to Wexler’s, but that is what I would consider a modern kosher-style deli with a tasty sounding menu. (Fleishnik’s would have been better off doing something more traditional/modern like that but w/out the dairy so it’s kosher)


I went to Langers during my x-mas vacation. The pastrami and rye are as good as ever. The chopped liver was much smoother than I remember it, but tasty. The knish was probably the worst knish I’ve ever had. I would stick to pastrami on rye w/ mustard.


mmmmm gribenes!! but w/ arugula, brisket, beet horseradish & crispy onions!!! The thought of brisket and arugula together is making my tongue curl. ugggh. I think a chopped liver sandwich w/ gribenes sounds much better (why not gild the lilly).


Still 10/10 on my last visit a few months back. Only thing that changes is the price.


Langer’s is still wonderful if you stick with the Pastrami!


I know. Overkill is a bummer! I have got to get to Wexler’s.


I know. I love arugula… in a salad! Restaurants are adding it to too much stuff. I personally don’t even like it on sandwiches; it’s too delicate. Putting it on a sandwich with brisket should be illegal. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.


I knew I could count on you. Good to know!

You guys have touched on something though. Come to think of it, I can’t recall anyone having great things to say about any of Langer’s food aside from the pastrami and the bread :thinking:.


I know. The last time we had the #19 it was about $33 for 2 and a bag of chips. But it was f-ing delicious.


Their chopped liver, while sinfully rich, is quite tasty.

I have seen people get the pastrami/chopped liver combo and add a fried egg inside. :flushed: The chopped liver is already rich, as if pastrami is not either, then adding a fried egg is just gilding the lily.


Langer’s Tuna melt is pretty good. Usually my wife will get the Tuna Melt, i get the Pastrami and we split the sandwiches.


Yikes! “gilding the lily” for sure. But I will definitely check out the chopped liver!


Sounds like a yummy plan.


Prices have certainly gone up since your last visit. I had to drop by the Mexican Consulate today, and so I grabbed a Langer’s hot pastrami (made it a Reuben w/ sauerkraut, swiss cheese, and Russain dressing, grilled). It was $19.52. So two of those would be $39.04. If you dine in, you ought to tip at least $6, but probably could do $4 if you hit curbside pick up, so your minimum for two sandwiches would be $43.04; plus chips would add another $3 I’m guessing, so about $46 for two sandwiches and chips if you get it to go, or about $50 if you dine in.

It’s pretty good shit, although trying their sauerkraut for the first time, they don’t really know how to make sauerkraut sadly. Next time I’ll stick to swiss and Russain. Pastrami was better than I recall on my last visit, appropriately fatty and not overly salty. The pastrami almost literally melted in my mouth.

However, these are the most expensive sandwiches in LA barring random luxury bullshit items. They make Gjusta sandwiches feel like a downright bargain!

I might try their cream cheese and tomato, it could actually almost work out haha. I am worried their chopped liver would be too funky for the pastrami to hold up to, but perhaps one day I’ll go for it.

The vacuum-packed pickles are a weird touch for to-go orders; nice, but makes it kind of odd to open if you want to snack on a pickle on your drive hah.


Actually, the Reuben is the same price at Nate N AL, and only $1 cheaper at Brent’s - although they both come with sides and pickles.

Delis aren’t budget dining.


Langer’s Pastrami & Chopped Liver!


For all the kvetching, now I am curious read review from someone who has been there.