Eric Greenspan's New Jewish Deli Fleishik’s Opens This Week!


I thought they were a “kosher restaurant inspector”, I didn’t realize that they needed to be there full time.


Yes. I worked at a fancy hotel once. and a rabbi had to come and unseal the special kosher kitchen in the basement, then stand there and supervise all cooking, sterilizing of tableware (which had been kept sealed in layers of plastic wrap in the sealed kitchen), and supervise all dishes as they went out.

Even the bartenders had to go down to cut lemons and limes for the bar under his supervision. It was kind of intense.


Yes, all sub type rolls. They looked a bit pale -I got the ‘challah’ roll but after a trip to the oven it turned out pretty nice.


Yeah, this is one Jew who needs cheese on his sandwich and I can’t carry around my own cheese block or slices in a refrigerated pocket in my jeans. i’ll stick to Brent’s, Bay Cities and Boo’s…

oh yeah and Victor Juniors, Top Round, Gjusta, Langer’s…


Pico Kosher Deli was recommended to me. The only place I am familiar with is Jeff’s Kosher which is on Pico near Doheny. Jeff’s is essentially a sausage specialist but does have deli meats on the menu. The sausages are excellent.


I guess that’s why there’s bread blow-back. When people think of “kosher deli” or “Jewish deli” they think rye bread, when they think of “sub shop” they think sub rolls (or italian/french bread). I think he should have added either “sandwich shop” of “sub shop” to the Fleishik’s name. He needs more of a descriptor to make clear what he is intending and what type of food is served there (or you end up with my earlier opinion of “WTF no rye bread”).


Haven’t been to Jeff’s in a while, but the pastrami was first rate.


It’s safe to go in the water :wink: They officially have rye rolls for sandwiches!


I tried to go for lunch the other day and circled the block at least 3 times looking for parking then gave up. I saw Greenspan in the parking lot on one of my go rounds. He definitely is a hard working dude. I’ve never been to one of his spots when he wasn’t there… I know some of you don’t find that to be a plus :slight_smile:.


And it’s right next to Sweet Rose creamery dangerous. I found metered parking maybe 2 blocks away just on a side street but parking is difficult in that area


I am SO with you on this @TheCookie!

Anyone tried the Babasooey? Looks very promising …


[quote=“Bigmouth, post:112, topic:5271”]
[/quote]I just looked it up on their website. Now that looks really good and probably perfect on one of the rolls. I would take just one word out of that description - “dates”. Again, I like dates, but do we need them with all the other tasty ingredients? Keep the lemon though :yum:.


Dates are good with lamb, that sandwich does sound pretty good.


But liquor is quicker. :roll_eyes:


That took me a minute. Love the eye roll.


the crinkle cut fries must be frozen…they suck! ordered a knish once…as we of the Tribe say, “Never again!” but a straight pastrami on rye, slightly lean…is still a great sandwich as of 2 months ago!


Hurray to Eric Greenspan for listening to the vox populi! sorry, Eric but whatever your intent/dream/vision/or concept is, there are some things that are just dumb and you, apparently, are a big enuf person to fix what needs fixing!


Whenever I used to go to that area over lunch I would park south of Beverly on 1st by Gardner (spots usually on Gardner as well). Never had an issue finding a spot. :slight_smile:


Has anyone tried the Zayde?