Fast Eats near Westside Pavilion (Pico), Wednesday Evenings


I didn’t say it was all good, did I?

Just noted that their goulash was worthy of trying.


If you are indeed considering driving during the evening rush hours of around 6PM in that specific part of WLA, then the following places are worthy and WALKABLE (even for those of non-Himalayan trekker fitness):

Apple Pan
The Six
Westside Tavern
Aroma Cafe

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention a dark horse pick for Thai: Chilli Thai is quite decent as well.

Marty’s closes at 6PM, or else they’d make the list.

Gulp has meh food.

Dining at Serenata de Garibaldi & Pastina Trattoria would take too long.

Skip Maria’s (blech), skip Louise’s Trattoria, skip Lenny’s, skip Gyu-Kaku, skip Backhouse, skip Hop Li, skip Bossa Nova, skip Century Dragon, skip Taste of Hoboken/Matteo’s.

Dessert mention: Atticus.


Good to know about Thai Chilli. I’ve often wondered about it.

Agree w/ The Six, Westside Tavern, Jaipur, Clementine’s (although parking can easily take 10 mins).

If La Serenata does to-go, you could possible order ahead (I do think all the time for California Chicken Cafe) and then eat in the seating area they have btw The Landmark and the actual mall…

Respectfully, I would not consider Upper West a short drive. Even w/o traffic, it would stretch the 5-min drive, and at that time of day, crossing the 405 can easily take 20-30 minutes (if not longer).


Ooh, good to know!

Should be okay in the evening, They have a parking lot and the place is pretty empty at that time. Probably longer than a 5 minute drive though, as @cookiemonster pointed out.


Turkey is no good ?


If the turkey was good I would have said so… I’m not sure if English is your first language (it’s my second language, but I’ve managed to learn sentence structure, conjugation, spelling, and most importantly how to read between the lines), so I will answer your question:

No, I am not a fan of the turkey there.


Thanks for all the suggestions!

My original plan last night was to go to The Apple Pan, having only been there once before (and that was before I gained my current appreciation for food). As I approached the Westside Pavilion, my appetite for walking fell to such critically low levels that I decided I’d simply try the Westside Tavern instead. Alas, they were hosting a private event.

To The Apple Pan!

There were plenty of open seats when I got there, but I must’ve gotten there just before the evening rush, because by the time I stood up, the place was packed with people waiting for seats. The hickory burger was tasty, in a very “fundamental representation of a fast-food burger” kind of way. The fries were also pretty good (and were one of the few examples that I felt actually had synergy with ketchup, which I normally disdain). The strawberry pie, unfortunately, was catastrophic. I guess I should’ve stuck to the apple, but I was pretty sure it wouldn’t beat the last example I’d had, so I wanted to try something else. That said, the large, whole, unripe strawberries, enveloped in a flavorless, sugary “strawberry sauce” did not resemble a pie in the slightest. The crust was so thin it was difficult to tell what the texture was supposed to be. The only thing that went right with this “pie” was the cream on top, which was admirably light and not too sweet (though, given the state of the strawberries, the pie probably could’ve used some more sweetness).

This is about the time when I found out they don’t accept credit cards. There were, as far as I could tell, no signs to this effect anywhere in the restaurant. I left my ID with the gentleman who took my order, served my food, and calculated my bill to walk across the street to the Wells Fargo ATM.

After tip and tax, the total damage was $24. (Take away that disaster of a pie and it becomes something like $15.) Would I pay $15 for that burger and fries again? Probably not. I don’t know if it’s Westside rents or just cashing in on their fame, but $8.10 for a small fast-food style burger is the kind of thing that would get anybody else laughed out of town. Leaving aside the issue that the fries ought to be a complement to my meal, not a necessity if I want to feel full, I could get a larger burger, fries, and a drink at In-n-Out for less money (and it would taste better).

I won’t say I regret coming here, exactly, but I’ll be trying out the other suggestions before I even think of coming back :wink:


It’s not strawberry season, sunshine. :slight_frown:

Their egg salad is my favorite ever. The ham sandwich is also very good. And the coffee comes in a paper cone, with real cream.

They have a blackberry cream pie that is incredible, in season. Many people like the banana cream pie, not to my personal taste, but a lot of my friends go there just so they could get that dessert. Hamburgers are an afterthought. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I had a similarly negative experience with the strawberry pie. It’s a shame because there are some delicious strawberries at the farmers markets right now. I recommend going with the banana cream pie next time you’re there.

Actually, I’m pretty sure it is, at least here in Southern California. Plus I believe Apple Pan only offers special fruit pies (strawberry, blackberry, cherry, etc.) when those fruits are in season. But I’m with you on the blackberry cream pie and egg salad sandwich being great. Count me among the banana cream pie lovers too.


I know! Everyone loves the banana cream!.’:slight_smile:

As far as strawberry season, I agree, it technically is the season. But they haven’t really hit their ripeness, sweetness factor. July is my favorite strawberry season.


Well, skip Lenny’s.

AP will seem like Michelin dining.


Indeed. July is at the absolute peak of sweetness!!!

My go-to…

Hollywood Farmers Market on Sunday.

Harry’s Berries and Oyster Guys.


I believe they own the property.

I went there once. I have little memory of my meal there, other than being unimpressed. It wasn’t bad. But it wasn’t interesting or crave-worthy. Sounds like you had a similar experience…


We’re definitely not at its height. But I did get some scrumptious berries at Harry’s two weeks ago. I also think Apple Pan may deliberately err on the side of using underripe strawberries so their pies don’t come out too soggy.


I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that they own their property, after so long in the same spot. Even less excuse…


AP is nothing special. You go once, unless you are a fan of the kitsch factor. And, it is a rip off for exactly the reason you say - cashing in on their fame (who wouldn’t, if they could get away with it?) - IMHO.

I don’t know if it is still true, or ever was, but my Father told me they used to have a policy of preferentially hiring just-released prison inmates to work there. That tidbit is not mentioned in this tribute - so it may be wrong (it would not be the first cool but, sadly, untrue, urban legend my Dad foisted upon me).

I too, tried to go to Westside Tavern after a film yesterday. Was sorry to be shut out due to a screening of the upcoming Escobar biopic. Got to see a lot of fancily dressed H.Wood folk prancing around.


thnk for explaining. :slight_smile:


this is old news, many peoples love apple pan, they know it very expensive but still very much likes it.

it like 50% love apple, 50% hate. just like presidential elections.

and banana pie is much better.

ps it very expensive. waiters work there many, many years.


Even the banana cream pie can be off. Our last one - I think about 1 1/2 - 2 years ago - was with bananas that were under ripe. We’ve gotten probably five or six of these over the years, and that was a first. Now I’m a bit gun shy.


it’s kind of funny.

even if none of this website visited, apple pan would still be super busy, even may bes if cheeseburgers $10/more.